Sunday, June 01, 2008

Well, here I go again...

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a sporadic blogger at best... got a new battery charger, so here's a better pic of the gardenia...

and here's a hypericum... these were vaugely popular a few years ago... when St. Johns Wort was being touted as a cure for depression... this was sold as St. Johns wort in the nursery trade... actually a cousin with absolutely no herbal use at all... The blooms are interesting, but they don't produce many of themm, and they're pretty much beat up by noon... The plant just spreads around and looks green. Not my favorite plant, but I don't have the heart to clear it out.

And these are "Mother of millions" or "Pregnant plant" A pest further south, these survived the winter here... each leaf produces little plants along the sawtooth edges, there were a couple under the agave last year, and they dropped plantlets that survived down in the leaf litter all winter, and have now sprouted. Interesting, but not particularly pretty, I'll probably leave them for now.


  1. You know, normally Mother of Millions is is so invasive, but this patch of them looks very pretty! I have a few coming up right now that fell off of a plant in a strawberry pot, which I keep intending to pitch, but then never do. Maybe I secretly have a love of them!

  2. I wish the gardenia photo as a "scratch and sniff." One of my favorite fragrances. I used to work for a florist, and my cheap pleasure was stepping into the walk-in fridge and getting a nose-full of gardenia scent.

  3. I say yank them out. They are aliens and want to take over.
    I threw them in a dumpster and they lived for at least 2 months without soil...