Monday, June 23, 2008

Texas Bluebell Season...

Was delivering out west of Cleburn TX today, and saw these wonderful things... I like the Texas Bluebells more than I like the State flower, the Bluebonnet... the plant is more impressive, standing taller and more upright, the blooms are much showier, and it's blooming when everything else has pretty much given up the ghost...

Eustoma grandiflorum has just now started it's blooming season, and will continue through July and into August... when everything else is trying its level best to hide under a rock. These are random plants that were growing on the road side, but it's possible to see almost whole pastures of these as you drive through some parts of the state. It, and some Japanese cultivars of the plant are available for gardeners, under the name of Lisianthus, in colors ranging from white, pink and lavender... These will bloom, go to seed, and sprout this fall and winter for next years bloom.


  1. I find it so interesting that some plants will bloom like this smack dab in the middle of summer when everything else is gonesville! It really is beautiful with those big purple blossoms! It reminds me of when we were in Germany last Spring and we saw huge fields of Oilseed Rape growing...they have a similar upright structure to them, with beautiful yellow flowers! Whole fields are so impressive!!!

  2. Back in the 80s, I had several planters full of Texas Bluebells. I haven't seen them in nurseries for years now. Perhaps they were a passing fad, as many other plants, flowers and trees seem to be. I kept mine for several years, until our pet rabbit started burrowing in all the planters.