Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fallen Blossoms

As many of you may have realized, I keep a daily journal.  Occasionally I post a page from it... if I think it's interesting of relevant for some reason. 

Today, I am sitting with my morning coffee, at the patio table in front of St. V's .  

It's a nice enough spot, between the street and myself is a 3 tiered cast iron fountain that's just off balance enough to make all the water drip down one side and its shaded by an ancient clump of banana plants that tower 15 feet in the air.  Of course the gardener in me wants to get a sharp knife and clean out dead leaves and maybe hack out a spent trunk or two, but it's perfectly healthy and producing several bunches of bananas.

One of 
these bunches hangs directly over the table, and having already produced fruit, it continues to produce non-fruiting male flowers, daily peeling back a brick red petal from its growing tip to expose a dozen or so 3 inch long, nectar oozing flowers which detach and scatter over the table below.  These florets may have fallen, but they are still full of sugary liquid, a fact hardly lost on the local honey bees who crawl and buzz around the mass like conventioneers around a complimentary buffet.

I wonder if, like these bees, we on New Orleans, are feeding on past glories.

While it's true that this is one of the most important docks in the United States, its also true that large parts of this town are already, technically,  below sea level.  

As global warming progresses, as sea levels rise, and hurricanes become stronger and more frequent, there may come a time that it no longer becomes practical or possible to keep the waters at bay. 

We may be, like my morning honeybees, squeezing sustenance from a still productive, but no longer living, blossom.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

And the saga continues...

So... just to share the continuing job hunting drama...  as I mentioned yesterday, I was told to call in this morning.  So I did. 

And I was basically told to not bother them untill next Tuesday. 

So... just to make myself clear... this is a day labor service.   This is grunt work... sweeping warehouses, cleaning construction sites, ripping out old carpet in hotels.  The advantage to this work is that it pays the same day you do it.  But nobody is mistaking this for a career or even a real job.  This is cash, slightly over minimum wage.  To be blunt... when I worked in warehouses before, this kind of work was usually handed to any vagrant that came by, but big companies hire this labor through services like this.  I should also point out that men working in factories part-time, use services like this for a little extra cash on their days off.   And drunks and addicts on the street use these services to get extra cash, which just shows you how stupid the "are you a meth head?" questionnaire is.

Well, despite the fact that I was instructed to call and then treated like I was a nuisance, I suddenly developed an intense stubborn streak... and I decided there are more than one way to skin a cat and looked over the papers that I was given.

This company, national company actually, has three offices locally, and one of them does intake on Thursday.  So I schlep my tookas to a bus stop, get to the office, and there's a sign on the door saying "no applications"

I'm pissed.  I am perfectly willing to go through hoops to get a job.  But I tend to reserve such efforts for jobs that are worth having. 

Since it is a national company, I'm tempted to get on the website and lodge a complaint.  And I probably will... after next week.  I'm stretching my 3 strike rule... complaints can achieve good things, but they're just as likely to whack you upside the head. 

So... will I go in there on Tuesday?  No, I will go in on Wednesday.  

Why not Tuesday you ask?

Because on Tuesday, I will be on a film set. 

Yep... snuck that in on you at the end, didn't I? 

You see, after all that rigamorole,  and I'm in a rather deadly mood, I get a call telling me to come in for costume and hair tomorrow so that I can be on the set Tuesday. 

I'm not allowed to say too much... it's a new tv series that hasn't premiered yet called Astronaut Wives Club.  Set in the early 60s, so I'm gonna get buzz cut tomorrow, (my poor curls) I'll be in two scenes. 
But yeah, I'll still look into day labor.  Like I said, it pays the same day, and that kind of manual labor keeps you fit, and I can pick and choose what days I work... so it would be convenient. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All before noon

So... yesterday I went to apply at a temp agency.  Was told I couldn't apply because lightning had struck the building and their computers were fried, could I please come back today?  Well there had been a storm Monday night, so ok...

So, I went this morning.  Was told that I needed to fill out an online questionnaire.  No,  They don't provide internet access to do that, But there is a public library 1 mile away.  (I'm sorry, but 1.  If you require applicants to do online questionnaires you should have internet to do that, 2. You could have told me this yesterday so I could have done this last night, and do you really expect the unemployed to walk a mile to do your questionaire?)y

Anyway... I walked about 3 blocks and found a little coffee house ran by the Catholic church and walked in, because many of the coffee houses have internet access for a small fee.  This one didn't,  but when I asked if there was anyplace around that did because I needed to use it for a job application,  a nun grabbed me, and escorted me to the office and sat me down in front of a computer with a cup of coffee.

I then proceeded to answer a gazillion idiotic questions,  maybe 10% of which had something to do with an actual job The rest of them various permutations of 'Are you a crack head?'

Seriously... no matter how many times you ask, and no matter how you ask, the answer is goin to be... no I don't do crack.  Or meth.  Or heroin or anything else you need be concerned about.  And quite frankly, after you've asked me 12 times, you're starting to piss me off, and I'm wondering if you're on crack. 

Finally got thru,  checked the clock, and I had time to get back because they stopped doing intake at 10 am.  Got there at 9:55.  Receptionist looked at me all surprised and said, "you've finished it?" 

"Yes Ma'am"

"Well... she left to do a job fair... can you come back tomorrow?"

I pointed out the sign that said they only do intake on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

"Oh... I'll tell her about you, it'll be fine..."

So, I've now spent big chunks of 2 days on this damn temp service, and we're looking at more tomorrow.  Fun. 

Then I started walking back and I was waylaid on the sidewalk by a woman who may or may not have been drunk at 10 am, but she was definitely feeling just FINE! And she had felt compelled to chase me down to tell me that I looked just like that girl in the TV show... I don't know which girl, but she evidently is 6 foot tall and has a 5 o'clock shadow.

And then... a couple more blocks of walking and a blank eyed man with a beard dyed the most astonishing shade of fuchsia felt called upon to tell me that I looked like a swan.  He seemed happy about it... so I'll assume it was a compliment. 

And I may have to change the route I walk tho...

Did take some pics in my meanderings tho...  another hand painted vehicle...

And pool noodles + frisbee makes a lovely pop art flower. 

And just to put a cherry on the cake of it all....

Its my birthday.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Keeping NOLA Wierd...

Yet another painted vehicle.  I actually like this one better.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Don't know these trees, but they're fairly common in the parks.  The blooms should be outstanding... the thing is tho... despite the color and size, you don't notice them at first. 
Dense leaves seem to overwhelm them.  Anyone know an ID?

Update:  i finally wised up and googled the phrase "red flower tree New Orleans" and came up with Erythrina x sykesii, aka the Australian Coral Tree.   If im right this is a popular seedless hybrid in a genus that has over 100 species, so I may have got it wrong but im pretty confident.  

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Skull crochet

Just finished a skull vase and decided to show it off before it goes online for sale.  

Not bad if I say so myself.

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Just a few shots of plants i see as im walking the neughborhood...  the first two are an unidentified Aloe... im afraid i don't know one aloe from another... but this one is blooming easier impressively. 

And then a rather impresive night blooming.cereus. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keeping NOLA Wierd...

I saw this parked behind the library today... (the downtown library, not the pretty one I showed you in the last post)

Covering vehicles with the written word is relatively common down here.  Sometimes its a political rant, sometimes its poetry.  

I've started checking them out... 

This one is just a long rather confused rant blaming certain individuals, businesses, and the CIA for stealing his paintings.   

There are a few of his paintings in the windows, They're ok in the religious icon, Latino folk art kinda way,  but i don't see anything that would set the CIA off...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pics and rambling and whatnot

Just some pics from around.

This is saint Vincents, again, from the side.  The building to the right is the origional childrens ward, which is now the hostel ward.  As you can see... there's three big buildings and a 12foot wall surrounding a courtyard.
The next is one of the public libraries.  The building dates back to the time That libraries were privately funded rather than government entities.  This mansion, and theres no other word than mansion, waa donated by a family.  Its surrou.ded by other mansions in the toniest part of the garden district.  Seriously theres not a house down there worth less than 2 million.  You almost feel obligated to dress up to check out a mystery novel.

And theres something about this town that feeds your creativity.  I've always liked yarn bombing.  Where people knit or crochet something, and wrap it around a sign post or tree trunk or what have you. Ive never done it though .
Until i found a bag of yarn someone was discarding... and the colors inspired my inner hippie. 
And tben, i of course, had to make a skull...
And then i decided said skull would make a really cool curtain tassel...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A tiresome week.

I've spent most of the week dealing with Job1 and the Louisianna Workforce Commission. 

And, while they're a tad bit more convenient and user friendly than the Texas incarnations of their offices, the key word in that sentence is, 'tad.'

Anytime the government is involved,  you're in for a big hot mess of 1) self important non-entities and 2) conflicting information. 

By Wednesday,  after spending a soul sucking morning I needed a soul feeding afternoon.

So I bought a book of Emily Dickinson poetry at Goodwill and settled myself at a street cafe with a cup of cafe au lait.  I considered wearing a beret.  But that would just be pretentious.   Not as pretentious as showing up with a poodle who smokes.  But still. 

So, fully recharged, I went off again today... to a completely futile day at aforementioned institutions... (I was told to be there at 2 pm for something that doesn't happen until  9 am tomorrow) And there's only so much that caffeine and Emily Dickinson can be expected to achieve...

I'm thinking booze. 

And a poodle that smokes.