Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So, I took an afternoon nap, and when I  woke up, I turned on the news and there was a story all about a freight ship on the river that had six people that were sick. 

It hailed from West Africa, the Congo to be exact, it was in Belle Chase, (according to my maps app that's about six miles from where I sit) And six men were transported to West Jefferson Hospital.  (Which is confusing the newscasters because they insist it would be more normal to quarantine)

Nobody is saying the word 'Ebola' of course,  which means that they either don't know or they don't want to start a panic. 

I'm not actually that worried.  Cases of Ebola have already shown up in American travelers, particularly in some of the doctors that have come back, and I'm reasonably certain that everything will turn out fine. 

I'm fascinated more from a plotting point of view. 

About a week ago, it occurred to me that there wasn't a zombie story located in New Orleans.  Well, there's voodoo zombies, not the modern people eating incarnation of zombies.  It's kind of fascinating to watch this, as it kind of shows the path a plague would have to take to find entree into the city. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So I was on the balcony this morning when I saw something on the handrail... it turned out to be a pair of tiny little mushrooms...

Not really that surprising.  New Orleans is in a constant state of war between civilization and decay... here the swamp wins a minor victory.  

From the moment a structure is built, this town's swampy origins begins to eat at it, slowly but inevitably nibbling around the edges, eventually creeping its way past paint and mortar in an attempt reclaim its territory.  Some homeowners keep themselves in a frenzy of constant maintenance, some give up, ssurrendering to the inevitable victor.  Most are somewhere in between, replacing what needs to be replaced, confining themselves to battles they have some hope of winning.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pics and seeing if y'all can ID?

Woke up this morning and there was a rainbow over New Orleans... this is from the courtyard at St Vincents.

And i was walking down 
The block admiring the gardens when I saw this... anybody know what this shrubbery is?

Many of the plants i see in yards are familiar to me.  Althoigh i will admit, many of them are more familiar as house plants than landscaping... but that one has me stumped.  Its about four feet tall, covered with those dramatically colored blooms.  And very attractive to the local bees.  Im guessing its in the pea family...

And the next is a totally unfamiliar Tradescantia.   

I like it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

And I've been meaning to tell ya'all... little Goth Bob is enjoying NOLA immensely.  As far as he's concerned, he's returned to the motherland...

Still here.

Not overly thrilled with life at the moment...

When I arrived at this guesthouse, it turns out that the reservations I'd made 2 weeks before had disappeared.  Along with the deposit. 

I finally pulled up my bank statement online and they finally conceded that yeah I'd made a deposit... it was (pardon the language) a shit storm. 

But I got past it.  Shit happens. 

So, the second week,  I requested new sheets.  (This is a guesthouse... you'd think there'd be a schedule for this sort of thing, like every Monday or something, but apparently not)  so the next thing I know, the rather rough little woman who is being housekeeping is banging on my door and she's pissed, because they told her that I'd made some huge complaint, (which I hadn't, I'd just asked for sheets which I'm perfectly willing to change myself,  I don't care) and I've been fussed at by o.e of the staff... and as far as I'm able to determine most of the staff arrived here origionally as guests after being released  from various half way houses (not hating, good for them on getting a job and more power to them... But they're rough looking, And they should seriously consider getting them uniforms to work in because some one in a ripped t shirt, grungy shorts, and flip flops isn't really creating a wonderful impression for the clientele)

Now I generally have a three strikes policy before I hit the roof... and I spent a good hour trying to figure out if the deposit/reservation is one strike or two... because if it's two I have to schlep my tookas down three flights of stairs to raise hell, (and since this is a Victorian building with 11 foot ceilings three flights of stairs is more than you'd think,)and I'm actually feeling kind of lazy right now... So I could use the ancient elevator, (which is a little frightening and has a smell) but if it's just one strike then I can delay raising hell until somebody else screws up... so,  just public notice,  they're on the second strike...

I've also been going  through Craig's list to answer job ads...  someone needs an internet marketing specialist,  which means someone to list crap on eBay,  but it pays good so what the hell,  I used to be a Power Seller, so I can do that...

That's about it...

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


New Orleans drivers are interesting to say the least.  

Many people in the city have just gave up, and rely on the public transit system.  Which, after you figure it out, is pretty reliable.  

Those who have a vehicle are a little batty. 

As I speak, I'm saying at an outside table drinking my cafe au lait, watching the dog walkers (they do love their dogs here) the children walking to school in their uniforms,  and the joggers. 

There are also bicyclists.  

I acknowledge that a bicycle is a great way to get around the city.  I'm not sure that riding a bike down the white line in the middle of the road is a great idea.  Especially if you're going the wrong way on a one way street.  And I personally wouldn't wear a kilt while doing it, But thats just me...

Regardless,  I drove professionally for a few years, and I think I actually honked my horn 6 times.  These people love their horns. 

I swear that some of these people only have a vehicle so they can have a horn.  And they aren't honking for any good reason.  

I just saw a guy honking at an 80 year old man in a crosswalk.  1)  he's going as fast as he can and 2) if he drops dead from a heart attack, you're gonna be even more delayed.  Just rudeness.  I about picked up a brick and went over there to give him something to honk about. 

And what's the use of honking at a garbage truck?  There's two lanes, go around.  Do you really want to annoy men who have ready access to throwable trash?  Think about it. 

I guess I'm just too mellow.

Monday, September 08, 2014

The bridge

This is the view from the balcony of St. Vincent's.  Not bad really.  This is the advantage of being on the third floor in a neighborhood that's almost all two story buildings.  

We're fairly close to the river, and sometimes, over the top of the buildings, I can see about the top third of some of the big freight boats coming up the river.. Which was a little disconcerting the first time i saw it.  I was just minding my own business, enjoying the view when I.noticed what appeared to be a large factory was relocating itself.  Closer observation revealed the huge cranes on the wharves, and I realised what was happening, but it was a rather surreal minute or so...

And then, after iposted, i saw the sun shining through a raincloud.  My phone doesn't really do these shots well... hopeyou can make it out...

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014

Apartment hunting.

So I was running around looking for cheap rent.  This was about 3 blocks off the French Quarter.  It's looking a little rundown,  but it's about as authentic New Orleans as you can get. 

You'll notice the front stoops.  They are important.   Almost all buildings here are above ground level.  This keeps them from flooding.  stoops are also very important for socoalizing.  You sit on the stoop, drink your refreshing beverage,  and pass judgement on the neighbors.  

New Orleans does, at this time off year At least, Have a rather annoying habit of raining with NO WARNING AT ALL.  
So, I'm afraid my apartment hunting ended with me looking Like 
I'd been drug through a mudhole.  I made a mad dash through the French Quarter for the bus line, and while Resting under a balcony, i 
noticed that the Baptists convention was having a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Which is very conveniently located next door to Larry Flynts HUSTLER sex emporium.  I 
was curious to see if Hustler was going to have an after lunch rush, but I decided to run for the bus instead...

Thursday, September 04, 2014


So, I made it.  Im staying at St. Vincents again...

Here's my room.  
The challenge seems to have been getting as many colors in one room without actually matching any of them.  They won.  


My first day here involved passing out all day.  I'm too damned old for 13 hour bus rides.  

My second day revolved around getting lost on the bus system.  

I did talk to a couple of stores on Magazine street.  One might be interested in the crocheted skulls,  either as earrings or attached to shoes.  

I wandered into a needlework shop in search of #20 crochet cotton.  They weren't able to help me with that... they only sold specialty yarns, but they immediately did a search through business cards to give a couple of stores that might want see the skulls.  

 Which surprised me .  Considering that there were enough seriously sweet , cute,  and charming projects in that shop i needed testosterone shots on exiting, i  I didn't really think they'd be impressed with the skull at all.

Still, they were helpful, 

And if I'm ever in the market for 20 dollar skeins of yarn I know where to go.  I mean, it was some seriously cool yarn... but a scarf would set me back a hundred bucks...