Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Found these growing by the side of one of the warehouses today... Winecups (Callirhoe digitata) are a wildflower that grows throughout most of Texas... One of my favorites. We're pushing the end of the season, so it was kind of a surprise to see them growing beside one of the warehouses I delivered to today... fortunately I had a few minutes extra to take a quick pic.

Nothing much else today... just another work day for me. Haven't been having many slow days lately, a bunch of the drivers have quit, due to gas prices, which means I'm working a whole lot... since I get paid by delivery, that's good.


  1. Oh, these winecups are great! I have not seen anything like it here. Very delicate...nice leaves too!!! I want to drink wine out of them! LOL.

  2. That's a great shot of a flower I'm not familiar with. Thanks for sharing it. And good to hear the gas prices aren't hurting you. I can't imagine how independent truckers are making their way.

    Hey, I'm getting a slew of hits to my blog via your site. Very cool. We're both getting read. Do you use StatCounter? It's a great free hit counter and stat site. Check em out. Even tells you the words of searches that lead to you site from Google. It's designed to seamlessly install itself in Blogger.

  3. I love the wine cups! Glad you took the time to "smell the roses" - Not many would have noticed them. Ditto on the hits on my blog!