Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's blooming again...

Well, the darned Escobaria vivipara has decided to put out another round of flowers... this single bloom is the beginning of the 3rd flush of blooms... lots and lots of buds on both heads of this plant. And some of the last flush of blooms left about 3 seedpods, so we'll see how those ripen up.

Didn't achieve too terribly much today. Did plant a few seeds for an ocotillo. Believe it or not, they will survive up here, although the branches tend to stand up straighter, and they tend to hold their leaves a lot longer... It would be much easier to make a cutting grow than the seeds, but the few that are around in the area are fiercely protected by their owners. Anyway, I planted them in a plastic baggie that I pinned to the inside of a curtain, and we'll see what happens.

I also have a plumeria that is a little too top-heavy in it's pot, so I dug a hole and plunged the pot into the ground today... I have to bring it in every year, so it has to stay potted, but after the cactus fiasco, I'm paranoid of plants falling over...

Looks like I'll finally get to mow the lawn tonight. Last night, I was just getting ready to start the mower when rain blew in... Darn... but it's going to be clear this evening, so I get to mow... Darn...


  1. Prolific little cactus, this one.

  2. I have wondered if an ocotillo would grow here in humid so. Fla. I like the way they look, and would love to give it a try. Gonna look for one that is already started. Hope your seeds do well in the baggy...I love that trick!

    Pretty little cactus bloom you have here! Nice that it is so happy to keep on blooming like that!