Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hibiscus and Cactus

well, here's two plants that were never meant to be within 500 feet of each other...

The winter hardy hibiscus is one that I rescued... a neighbor had dug it up and was throwing it out because it was "too big." She was evidently uncomfortable with plants that got over a foot tall... whatever. And of course, a little prickly pear that ended up on the lath house after it got repotted.

Nothing really dramatic to talk about. I want to spend the day lying on the couch like a big gelatanous blob... It turns out that the dispatchers at work are fairly impressed with my problem solving abilities, so they are giving me the orders that they think might have issues. GEE THANKS. And of course, these orders have issues... like being written up wrong, being undeliverable, or the only delivery address being "in the middle of the cow pasture 9 miles west of known civilization."

Trust me, the little bit of time I get to spend in the garden is very theraputic. But, today I have to go to the flea market and get some stuff stocked, and I have to see if I can chase down a heating element for this oven. And I have to get some grocery shopping done. And all that stuff that I just don't have time for...


  1. Your neighbor sounds disturbed. I can understand pruning out plants that grow too large for their surroundings, but to just decide something is "too big"? Sounds a bit odd. Usually hibiscus doesn't transplant easily, so you're lucky to have it doing well.

  2. I didn't think that Hibiscus would survive... It was in the fall, and had been cut down to the ground before being uprooted. I dug a hole, put the root mass in and covered everything with leaves from the compost pile, then hoped for the best... I figured if it grew, great, if it didn't, I had a place already prepared to plant something else. The next year it sprouted a dozen stems and it's been doing great for about 3 years now...

  3. My hibiscus here seem to flower more with less maybe these two together ain't such a bad thing!!! I guess not, looking at how healthy they look here!
    I love your delivery stories...they generally make me laugh...because of the spin you put on them...I know it must be frustrating as hell tho!!