Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The cactus... again...

I know I showed you this thing blooming a couple of weeks ago, but it only had a single bloom then... today I got home from work (after 12 hours... ugh) and the thing was blooming its fool head off and I couldn't help taking another pic...


  1. Look at that! WOW...this cactus does fast work! It is beautiful...what a gorgeous shade of pink!

  2. funny how a few blooms put us in such a state of BLISS!!

  3. The E. vivipara blooms are gorgeous. I do not have any cacti that have flowers with such pointed petals. I may try to find this one, just for the variety. Several of my cacti also put out multiple flowers this week. I'm going to post them sometime this week. Totally unexpected!

    By the way, I love the hypericum flower. The color and shape is lovely.


  4. Claude,
    This is very lovely bloom, so thank you for showing it again :)