Thursday, June 05, 2008

same old, same old...

It's been a very trying day... very hot, and very windy... of course, my job demands that I deliver to building sites, so where there's wind and earthmoving equipment, there is a courier who ends up looking and feeling like he's been sand-blasted.

and then, of course, at the end of the day, they give me a delivery to the 41st floor of one of those all glass buildings downtown... and so I walk in, grungy, tired, and utterly dishevelled, and all the suits look at me like I'm a bug.

I so love my job.

But I seriously am looking for another job now... after gas cost, insurance, upkeep and stuff, I'd actually be making more money by working at McDonalds.

That ain't right...

sorry, just a kvetch...


  1. Will you be looking for the same kind of work, or something different? I sure could see you working in a garden a teacher, gardener, researcher, and information gatherer. Your love of plants shines through, and your blog is just the best! I'm so glad I found you here, to listen to your stories, and hear about your days! Could you be a writer for a paper, with a gardeneing column??? Yes, you could!!! Good luck!

  2. It's amazing how much wind can deplete one's energy. I remember my days as a landscape laborer and how totally bushed (pun intended) I'd feel after working on a blustery day. The only upside was the free dermabrasion without having to pay for a spa day.

    BTW: thanks for listing my blog and posting a link. I'll be back for a longer read and reciprocal link.

    BG (alias GardenWiseGuy)

  3. Julie had some great ideas!!DITTO!!

  4. believe it or not, I used to write for a magazine... not that you can tell from my posts here. These posts need a serious copyeditor...I tend to write in rambling sentences and ignore spelling altogether. But even if I decided to write, I would still need a real job to pay the bills...