Wednesday, June 25, 2008

did not have a great day yesterday... every delivery was a little bit more troublesome than was absolutely neccesary, and then when I got home it was to the news that the oven had stopped working and we obviously needed a new one.

A quick check tells me that the heating element needs replaced. A quick fix, and while not cheap, it's cheaper than a new oven.

But anyway, I read a book that tells me that some people leave the house worrying and fretting and pretty much determined to have a bad day... and I am going to do the oposite.

I have promised myself that today will be a better day than yesterday...

of course, in aid of this noble pursuit, there may be a few people that have to be eliminated.... but they should have thought of that when they left their house this morning...

I'm kidding of course.


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  1. You know one thing I am doing now is pausing in my vehicle prior to going into a business, and asking the universe to keep things kosher, and also for me to respond well. It actually works out. Somehow.