Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh dear...

I've mentioned before that you would be appalled at the behaviour that goes on at a hotel.  Even the best hotels have their constant battles.

Last week we had to kick out a young lady that we'll just say was working from her room. 

Occasionally that make it past us at the front... what checked in looking like a  clean young business person suddenly shows up escorting men to her room wearing lingerie... they pay for a week in advance, but they're usually lucky if we haven't kicked them out after 2 days, 3 if they're subtle. 

This one had paid 3 days, and at 3 am of the first nights stay had gotten in an altercation with one of her gentleman callers who'd kicked the door in. 

The room was trashed in less than 24 hours. 

Said gentleman showed up.the next day at the desk demanding the wallet that had gone missing during his visit and then was introduced to the local police.  

Then, the young lady in question showed up later in the evening, with another gentleman friend, demanding another room. 

Failing that she wanted a refund. 

She was also introduced to some fine young people from the New Orleans police dept. 

She came in two days later with cash for damages and picked up possessions, and then last night was seen on the street outside, about a half hour before someone set the laundry room on fire at 3 am.

Nobody was hurt... but there's some damages, and we're sold out this weekend and we now have about half of the necessary linen. 

Cops are trying to track down people with no fixed addresses,  more power to them, and none of the staff has had any sleep to speak of. 

The only good thing to come out of this is that they are definitely putting on a night shift and now I have that job, which was the job I was origionally hired for. 

I'm keeping the cops on speed dial of course.  And practicing up on my huge night club doorman bellow which has been known to freeze people in fear. 

But I'm sure that just having a person at the desk should be enough to deter most idiocy.


  1. Claude,
    Oh Lawd! {chuckling} I now it must be bothersome and frustrating but your narrative prose always shine light on the humorous side of these shenanigans at St. V’s.

    I’m about to lay out good money and by a web cam and send to you to install over the front desk (lol), unless there is one already there, in which case send me the e address (lol). Well guess you better not the V’s management may not like your airing their dirty and burnt laundry. Sorry, could not resist that one.

    Hoping that the night shift job is a little on the quite side of things, there seems to be plenty of drama already.

    I do have a question! And I will also be going back through your past posts, but did you say you did work on Astronauts Wives Club? Saw were it will be airing soon and thought I would watch to see your “Cameo” appearance if this was the one you said you were in. Well take care and we’ll all be humming, “Bad boy, bad boy, what ’ca going to do… Cops filmed on location at St. V’s… - G

  2. My gosh! Lol. You do have a fun and interesting life!!!!! I'm a bit jealous!!!! Mine is too boring right now!!!! Lol.