Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Howdy folks... haven't forgot about y'all or anything, but I'm writing away on a new project, and that seems to be sucking up all my time at the moment.  And I still haven't got my phone or internet straightened out, and I'll probably be changing providers before any of that works out. 

As is, I'm checking in on a friends computer.  I hate to admit it... but not having a phone is kind of a relief.  Remember the days when you could go to the grocery store without chatting with all your friends?  Or drive to the gas station without checking in with your family?  I'm back in them.  It's nice. 

Trucks back up and running, but I'm not driving today.  There's a limit to my nerves these days... the last time we had one of these biblical level deluges, they loaded the back of my pick-up with boxes of toilet paper.  REALLY.  No more of this silliness.  I'm over it. 

Last week... dispatch called and asked if I wanted to drive out to Wilmer.  Now see... this is kind of a trick question.  You see... I'm sure, that somewhere, sometime, someone has woken up in the morning, looked around the room and responding to some compulsive desire from deep inside announced, "I WANT TO GO TO WILMER TEXAS."

It's well within the realm of possibilities.  I however am not one of those people.  Actually I'm pretty sure that its just as likely that sometime, someone sat up in bed, looked around the room and announced... "I'm in Wilmer Texas.  DAMN!"

Don't get me wrong.  I have nothing against Wilmer TX.  It's a pleasant enough place I suppose.  I'm positive that's it's a lovely place to live, love, laugh and play.  Here's the real issue... when I went to high school, one of my best friends considered himself a class clown.  He was the only person that considered himself so... but there we are.  Anyway... somehow the subject of Wilmer TX came up, and my friend, doing his very best Mr. Ed the Talking Horse impersonation proceeded to pronounce "Wil-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeer" and now I can't here that towns name without that damned voice in my head. 

So, when dispatch calls and asks if I'd like to go to Wilmer... the only real answer is "Oh HELL no..."  but I went anyway... and there we are...

Hope everyone is having a great day.  TAH