Saturday, November 29, 2014

Life as we know it...

Life at St Vincent's is definitely interesting. 
Currently, we have a transgender person living among us.  In and of itself that isn't really a big deal (we've come a long way) but this particular transgender person is suffering from some mental issues... here's the deal...

Occasionally some of the cast of American Horror Story shows up at a coffee shop in the neighborhood.  Not too surprising, as they film less than 3 blocks away, and New Orleans is a pretty laid back place.  Celebrities actually walk around without getting too annoyed... But at some point a couple of weeks ago, Mat Fraser,  who plays seal boy on the show, and Erika Ervin, who plays Amazon Eve, were at the coffee shop when our girl, lets call her K, was there.  

Now, Ms Ervin is a 6 foot 8inch transgender model, and, upon seeing K, an obviously transgender person, Ms Ervin apparently went out of her way to try to be friendly, or at least say hello. 

Big mistake. 

Now K, who already has issues, namely believing that she is the leader of some sort of vampire coven who is being followed by the CIA, FBI, and a few other agencies that no ones ever heard of, not to mention that President Obama is personally watching her Facebook account, has now become convinced that Ms Ervin is stalking her on behalf of some Satanic Lesbian Cult.

Now, I've never met Ms Ervin, but I'm pretty sure that she's in town to earn about 10,000 dollars an episode on television, and I'm not sure that she has any connection with satanic lesbians, if they even exist.  

But I'm willing to give Ms Ervin the benefit of the doubt until the paparazzi catch her sacrificing a goat or something.

Personally, I blame Ronald Reagan for this crap.  He closed down the asylums. 

Hey, if K can blame satanic lesbians, I can blame Ronald Reagan.  So...


Friday, November 28, 2014

Street flora

Brugmansia blooming on the street.  Big and obnoxious and one of my faves...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My wonderful career...

Back on 11/7, I posted that I was supposed to be filming American Horror Story on the 10th.  Well, here's the deal...

Tney have continuously delayed the shoot.  Today I get an email that they're filming on the 2nd. 

Unfortunately, I'm booked into Geostorm on the second.  And the third.  And the 15th of January.   I tell them that.  She's arranged that I can be pulled off Geostorm. 
Unfortunately, as much as I want to be in AHS , the concept of giving up 3 days work for a chance to film something that has already cancelled on me 4+ times isn't feasable. 

So.  There we are.  Dammit. 

Really... I don't know how the hell they get the Damn show on the air with this kind of scheduling.  

Regardless. .. here's hoping everybody is having a great day, and getting ready for thanksgiving.   Go Turkey's!

Monday, November 17, 2014

This acting thing is just soooooo Damn glamorous, ain't it?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Street art

NOLA is big on its street art... I like th ii s one a lot.  

Just for the record, my yarn bomb, a much.more  modest attempt at street art, is still there.... looking a bit worse for wear, but it's still doing its thing...

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Well dang...

It would appear that I will not be filming American Horror Story on Monday.  Just got an email from the casting director and there have been delays on the set. 

So it will happen sometime this week, just NOT Monday and probably not Tuesday. 

Dang Dang Dang.  

You know..this makes it difficult to plan my life.  Just saying.


These are growing outside Saint Vincent's, specifically beside the grotto... 

As ypu can see, some of them were ripening.  Not knowing the specific species/variety,  I asked if they were edible (some bananas aren't) and nobody knew.  Well, i decided I world find out.  

Not as sweet as the dole nanas to get at the store, but being tree ripened they're probably better for you.  Its been an hour now, still alive so im declaring them an occasional breakfast!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Keeping NOLA Wierd...

Well, not that weird, but there we are....

Life has been a bit of a rush lately.  Just finished the first couple of days on GeoStorm,  where i ended up playing an ISS evac worker... filmed walking off the space ship, or space shuttle, or space thingamabob,  dont really know as it was a maze of blue screens and orange cones in the middle of tar mac out at the NASA base, at night in the wind and cold and my sinus cavities are still in revolt. then today... i went in for a costume fitting for.... { drum roll please } American Horror Story.  

Now, I think I've already explained that they don't want you to say anything that gives anything away on these sets.  AHS is serious about it.  Theres a rather serious Confidentiality agreement that was signed.  I will be filming Monday, and i am playing a stagehand in a flashback to a 1937 carnival performance.   Thats all i can say... i will be able to tell yall what episode number it is when i find out... if yall are interested, check back.  If not... well dont bother...