Monday, December 31, 2012

Just an update

So... a wonderful experience was had by all... got home from church with a notice on the door.  I think its finally the eviction notice.    Nope... the charming ( cough) lady ( cough, cough) who kinda illegally tried to get more out off tje house the week before Christmas has posted an vacancy post on tthedoor, which means she's declared it abandoned property.  Of course it's not.  So I spend tje day trying to get her to answer my call s.  No go.  Finally, I call the bank thats evidently the new owner.  They evidently have no record of this property or me or authorising any such action.  The title hasn't transferred yet, do they dont have the right to do this yet.  Now I cant afford a lawyer.  They bill by rhe hour for 5 minutes.  So I call 211, which in Texas is a state aid line, they connect me with a lawyer in human services and she finds all this VERY interesting.  She tells me to call info, get the # for the real estate co. Call and get a fax # & notify them tje house isn't vacant.

Get the #, call it, its disconnected.  Do internet search.  Same thing.  Charming  agent finally reforms call... and we both are excruciatingly polite in a totally fake way that southerners have patented, cause she knows she's on thin ice and Im waiting to hear more from lawyer before I commit too anything. 

Al that being said... I believe with all my heart that everything will work out for the best, and that next year will bring wondrous things.  I have every intention to have (x) amount of dollars sitting in a bank account by next December, and I can be very determined.

Wishing us all prosperity in the next year.  More virtual e- hugs Aall round...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well... I guess I should just say it, huh?

I am now one of the many Americans who have been foreclosed on.  Oh well.  I inherited this house after my mom passed away and the whole deal, quite frankly, reaked.  I didnt really want it.  I'm three kind of guy who'd be perfectly happy in a trailer in the woods.  The whole responsibility of property ownership isn't for me.  Tried to remortgage, and they wouldn't let me.  Now the mortgage is about double whats the house is worth, and it needs close to 5 figures in repairs.  They want it?  Have at it. 
So, two weeks before Christmas, some female walks into the back yard, and announces t they'll be coming to squeeze tje property next week.  Which I was kinda expecting.  But after announcing that I es to vacate one week before Christmas, she then said "happy holidays"  which caught me off guard, and struck more as ludicrously rude.  Which is probably why I offered to perform an illegal mastectomy.  But not so politely termed.
Anyway, a. few phone calls to friends in the paralegal and real estate fields yielded this.  She didn't have a constable, she didn't have eviction papers, so I dont have to go nowhere.  Actually, I could have called a cop and filed Tresspassing charge.  She was basically trying to get me out without tje expense off filing.  Not gonna happen.
But, I know it's coming so the house is being gutted.  Furniture, antiques, appliances all at the flea market... and my sales have never been better.  Hell id pull out the air vents of i could get a buck out of them...
When it actually happens, I'll have tbree days to remove personal clothes and such to a friends where I'll be staying. Meanwhile. no Tresspassing signs are up, gays are locked, they never did come to seize anything, and I probably got a month before thw eviction papers go through... dint worry about me. Im good.

Monday, December 24, 2012

And Merry Christmas to all...

I've posted over the last few years that I truly prefer a quiet holiday... and I've even written fairly extensively about the reasons for that.  I'm not, therefore, going into it again. 

Lets face it... Yuletide Lugubriousness wears a little thin eventually. 

But I do want to take a moment to wish everyone out there the holiday they want and deserve, whatever that celebration is.

Big ole virtual e- hugs all around y'all!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Doings at the flea...

So... since everyone seems to enjoy the posts where I talk about things at the flea... here we go.

Now... I'm on my android, so arranging pics is very difficult. Theres a picture of a blue cabinet. It's actually a Lane Co. cedar linen safe, or linen hutch... basically it's a standing cedar chest witth roll out shelves for keeping folded linens, quilts and sweaters. The blue green enamel is a bit too much for me, but it's a nice piece, priced at 179.00, in truly excellent condition.

Theres also a small black table... specifically a rolling typewriter table that es layeted for the old manual typewriters. Wheels still roll, the side leaves still work properly... I priced it at 40 bucks. They're in high demands because they're funky and useful. But dont fall in love... it was on Craig's list for less than an hour before I got full price paid over the phone with a credit card.

Theres also am auto harp. This particular one has a jack for an amplifier... there are 3 of them in my booth. 100 to 150 each.

And thats what I've got to show for the moment.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well... I guess its come to this...

Which is a rather dire sounding statement, isn't it?  But, I can explain.
While waiting for a computer to become available at the library, I ran across a book called " Put Cash in Your Pocket Now" by Loral Langemeier. 

Her basic assertion in the book is that when times get rough, our first instinct is to tighten our belts and start cutting on our budgets.  Which is true.  This puts us in a mindset of "I can't afford it, there's not enough money..." etc... etc... etc...  this leads to stress, and not buying that uber cool jacket, our the Starbucks latte, or whatever is seriously cutting into our enjoyment of life, which also creates stress.

Then she pointed out when you were a kid and you wanted something.  What did you do?  You opened a lemonade stand.  Or you mowed lawns.  Or you did extra chores, to get the money.  This is a much beter mindset.

She then points out that every person on the face off the earth has a whole est of basic skills which are marketable.  If a man has a power washer in his garage that he uses twice a year to wash off his  driveway... there are plenty of people who will gladly pay him to do there houses and driveways on the weekends.  A widow who used to help out at her husbands office occasionally can become an assistant helping small business owners who dont have the means for full time help, over the internet, 2 hours a week.  You can walk dogs.  You can sit with senior citizens while they're primary care givers take a much needed break.

The list is endless, and most can easily turn into 250 to 1000 bucks a month.  The purpose of all this is to turn your focus from "I don't have enough," to " how can I get more?"  And mindset matters.

She then begins helping you figure out what your marketable talents are.  Now, I already know them.

About 15 years ago, I was one of the highest paid tarot card readers in Dallas working the party circuit.  I gave it up for a few  reasons. My parents failing health meant that I couldn't just take off for overnight drives, and the occasional plane flight at a moment's notice.  Plus, my mother was of a generation that thought these jobs were fine,  to be independent and all... but would then point out that McDonald's was hiring.  My parents generation craved the security that a steady, albeit soul killing, job gives.  no matter how dead end it was.  So, for scheduling and peace, I started  working 'real jobs'

So, after filing out over 50 applications with no real progress, I'm going to start working gigs again.  I also know someone who throws those fake Vegas parties for companies, and needs blackjack dealers.  I'm a tarot card reader... I can deal cards in my sleep.

The amazing thing is... I didn't think of it before.  currently drafting the Craig's list ad.  wish me luck.

a nd my favorite quote from the book... Christopher Columbus did not discover America so that we could spend 35 years doing a dead end job to put money in a 401K that might not be there when we need it.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Another week gone...

And nothing really to show for it.  Oh well...  was looking throgh my DVDs... nothing I really wanna watch... what I'm in tje moss for is classic Hitchcock.  Something like Rebecca... where Mrs Danvers set the standard for predatory lesbians in movies for years.  Oor maybe something cheesy... Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, where Bette Davis goes stridently insane.

Something creepy but not exactly Horror is what I'm thinking. I'll figure it out eventually.

They dont make movies like that anymore.  Take The Haunting of Hill House.  Cam you imagine Hollywood putting out a movie like that nowadays?  A ghost story where you never see the ghost?  Couldn't happen.  But it was one of the most successful ghost movies ever, primarily because you imagined the worst.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

And away we go.

Those of you who read yesterday's post know my big plan.  Well...Iv guess I've stated.  I did wake up on time.  I did get dressed, not for an office, more like for factory work, but one step at a time... I also mentioned that I was doing things to stave of depression.  Heres one of them.  I firmly believe in small creative projects.  So, I'm making lace.  Tatting to be precise.  It's portable, inexpensive, meditative.... and when you're done, you can whip stitch it on to pillowcase and give it to someone who likes lacy things.

People often ask me how I learned to do this.  I usually say I learned when I was confined to a bed with mononucleosis and perishing of sheer unadulterated boredom, so my grandmother sat there in her wheelchair and taught me how to crochet, knit, and tat.  This is probably true.  But I dont specifically remember learning to tat.  I just know it. 

Regardless... there we a are.

BYW... This is work in progress... it looks better after its Bern pressed and starched

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So... heres the plan...

I have been unemployed for entirely too long.  Its annoying and, quite frankly, bloody depressing.  the worst part of it is how at odds you feel.  You dont have a reason to do anything.  I have been looking of course.

No internet at the house so I use a friends or go to the library.  But the game so far hasn't paid off

Tje prob is at the library, you can only use their computer for an hour at a time.  And sometimes when you show up they're all booked for the next 2 hours.  (I have caught up on all my reading though.) 

In the process of that reading, I've researched lots of things.

To my credit:  1)  I have a business license.  Cactus Cowboy can be used for any business I want.
2.)  I'm a creative thinker.
3)  a if I can sell used stuff in a flea market, I can probably sell about anything.

Also in my research... I've learned a few tips.  Firrst... if you don't have a job, one of the worst things you can do is sit about around whining about oht.  Give yourself a job.  Going out, researching jobs, making connections, submitting applications... all these things are work.

So, starting tomorrow, I don't roll out of bed at any old time.  I set the alarm clock.  I get dressed as if for an interview, I go to the office ( my new word for the library) and I get some work done.  When I'm not on the computer, I will research other small business plans or options for my business license.

As for the depression... I've dealt with that issue all my life on some level and I'll be pulling out the stops.  Actually, my above plan will help tremendously.  Simply having something to do and aim for helps.  Not going into all the tricks to deal with ir at the moment, mobile blogging on an android screen is to confining to explain properly, but Im confident I'm heading in some sort of direction. 
It all reminds me of something I read recently.  someone was going through a hard timbre and they were all in a tizzy. 

" How will I make it through this?" they asked in desperation.

And sometime answered, " left foot, right foot, left foot, breath..."

And there we are...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Well Damn.

Lately... life hasn't been much fun.  I am becoming an absolute expert at being cheap... primarily because I was always a but of a miser to begin with and secondly, I now dont have the cash to be anything but.  Lately I've been wondering if I can turn surviving on pennies into a writing project.  Mostly because I've got notebooks and journals here all about it... I'm one of them people who think things through on paper.

I'm exaggerating of course.  But times are tough all over.  But... I am determined to keep my mood up.

Sorry about the little depressing post.