Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's been a while...

Just busy.   And not feeling up to snuff actually.  It's the old depression issues popping up again... I keep forcing myself to do things to force my way through it, But my energy levels are so low what energy I have gets used up and I end up exhausted. 

But  actually I'm OK.  

Right now... I was working with one of the interactive street artists. .. basically I put on a plain shirt and invite strangers to paint on it... just stand there "being art"  which is ok... but they don't seem to understand that I have to be cleaned up before I can work so I can't do this for hours. 

But the tips are good.

And I've been making these silly bags that we're selling at a store down the street...

Heres one in progress... you start with a pair of jeans that was abandoned at the guest house, the more beat up the better,  then use the legs to make a purse, sew funky crap on it, line it with a cut up shirt or sheet, and sell it off.  

No biggie.  And upcycled!

Anyway... that's abput it for now.   Later