Friday, January 31, 2014

Roadkill crochet

I've mentioned before that I. walk.  A lot.  When I'm walking, I always seemtoo pick up random bits of metal.

Well when one had a whole bunch of reason bits of metal laying around, you have to do something with it, hence roadkill crochet...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crocheted heart...

working on designs for Valentine's day.   So... ladies... are hand crocheted lace necklaces a gift you would appreciate?  Should I bother making a few?  I was thinking they might be good in black.  Any input appreciated...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting back to normal... eventually

Well... all told I spent 11 straight days at the flea market.  Today... I celebrated Martin Luther King day by doing absolutely nothing.  Well,  not absolutely nothing... I did at one point take a brisk nap. 
Starting to  feel human again. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flea Market Update

Well... I've now been here for 10 days straight, between moving and customers... I'm ready to take a nap. 

But, I also ended with a few new items... somehow... here's what I put on craigslist today...  a vintage pram...

And a pair of vintage swag lamps.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

I went to sleep. Way too early last nite, which means I woke up way too early this morning... (I rarely sleep more than 6 hours) but it does have one advantage I guess.  That quiet private time in the morning.  I stepped outside with a cup of coffee,  and enjoyed the chilly predawn.

Black trees stretched up to catch the full moon in vain, tje black cat came to rub against my ankles, and I thought to myself that this made perfect Halloween weather.

And then I heard the hoo hooooo hoo hoo of an owl calling through the pre-dawn.  Like most Americans, I certainly know what an owl is, but you don't encounter them that much.  Primarily because they're out at night, in the dark and you just can't see them.

But this time of year, many birds are establishing territories, and this owl was calling,  repeatedly.  Always in that four part note.  Hoo hooooo, hoo hoo.

And then, I saw him.  At the very top of a tree in a neighbors yard, perched on a branch that you wouldn't think would hold anything that size, he was sitting with only the slightest of head movement betraying that he was alive.  He called a few more times, then took flight over my head, and i  saw his pointed wings shadowed against a cobalt sky before he disappeared to the east.

Then, further south, obviously a distance away, I very faintly heard another hooting call.

I'm going to have to do some research to try to identify the species... not a barn owl, as they don't hoot as much as screech is a rather blood curdling manner, and the horned owl has a warble in their hoot I didn't hear... but I did feel honored to see this denizen of the night.

Many people live their entire lives without once even hearing their call... and even those out in the country may only hear their voice and never catch a glimpse of the bird itself.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm not ignoring y'all,  I promise.  

Here's the deal... one of my co-venders at the flea is, for various reasons, unable type be at the market every weekend... so it all started by me running her booth for her for a split of the proceeds.  Well, it turns out that I'm able to sell things better than she is.  So she suggested that I just move my stuff into her booth, then continue selling her stuff and mine at the same time,  which is more convenient as I won't be running back and forth all day.

So,  I've spent the entire week rearranging and putting stuff into this booth.  My nerves are shot... and I've been neglecting my blog because I'm exhausted.  One more day of all this...

But what is really working my nerves is that my co vendors son, who was engaged to the managers daughter, broke up with her for reasons that I'm not entirely clear on, and in the midst of moving furniture, goods, and what all, I've also had to loudly maintain that I DONT GIVE A DAMN, to both parents, at least 3 times a day. 

I think everybody has gotten the clue now.  Finally. 

I need a purely therapeutic alcoholic beverage.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Crocheted flowers

I've never been that big on crocheted flowers.  There's a few reasons for it... one, no matter what you do, they're chunky looking and they don't look anything like a real flower.  They also remind me of bad crochet toilet paper covers from the 70's, the ones that little old ladies loved to decorate with....  Right up there with those crocheted dolls... pardon me while
cold shivers run down my spine...

But i have a particular project in mind, and it requires crocheted flowers.  So, i bit the bullet.  I had to look through about every crochey book in the house and several online sources, but i finally came up with these.

The daffodill actually looks ok.  I put on the mesh simply because i was trying to figure out how it was gonna attach to my project... that's not how I'm gonna use it though,  the pansy... well i went through about a dozen patterns before i came up with one that finished up pansy-ish enough for me, and this one will look better when it's got a yellow knot in the center sewing it to the project.  

I spent too long looking for those patterns and i don't wanna misplace them,  so I'll be copying them to my crafty blog in the next couple of days, along with sources, and designers... 
if you're interested, the patterns are on my other blog at this LINK

Friday, January 03, 2014


Just some stuff from the flea.

Well...  first,   bottles with crocheted lace.  Good for rooting plants or hanging in thekitchen with fresh herbs.  

Capodimonte lovebirds, a porcelain dolls head, and a marble globe on an iron stand.

Crocheted skull patches.  
The pink on black are really popular.