Saturday, January 26, 2013


So... im staying out in Burleson, for reasons that have already been explained. My hosts are wonderful people, friends of the family, but I'm afraid that my hostess is one of those people that is completely inept with houseplants. She has killed several pothus for Gods sake. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the kitchen and found the outbid she received last mother's day still plugging along.

Of course, it's one of those phalenopsis that you get at home depot. It's been sitting in the kitchen window doing pretty much nothing. And as the "plant guy" I was immediately expected to come up with a plan.

Now... I don't do orchids. Not terribly impressed with them, and they don't stem terribly impressed with me either. I do know it's in the wrong kind of pot, and the dead bloom stems should have been snipped off. But, my dear hostess ( have I mentioned what wonderful people they are?) knowing her record wisely said to herself, " it ain't dying so leave well enough alone," which is probably pretty close to what I would have done.

I inspected closer, and found this.

The bloom stems ain't so dead. They're resprouting. Ive heard of this. Vaguely. Then I found this:

Appears to be another stem coming up.

Im voting for leaving it all be for the moment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just checking in

Currently, its fantastically warm here. It almozt feels like a nice summer day in three low 70's. To up date on the foreclosure... the eviction hearing is the 31st. Judge will sign the prospects and I will have 3 days to get out. I could actually leave now... but after the not so legal shenanigans this real estate agent has pulled im tempted to show up at the hearing and tell the judge I'm unemployed, have nowhere to go, and that they've been trying to evict me illegally. The paralegals tell me here could give more up to 90 extra days.

I guess our depends on how much of a pain in the ass i wanna be. Ans my opinion on that varies from moment to moment.

Anyway... well see what happens when the time comes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spent the night in Burleson, at the family friends house where I'll be staying for a few months and was woke up at 5 am with thunder snow. That's right... snow, with lightning and thunder. If it's weird weather, you can count on it happening in Texas.

Roads in this state are not made for this, so it's a mess. Of course, I've spent enough time up north to deal with it, but no matter how capable I am, it doesn't matter if there is suddenly a Buick skidding towards you.

Still, off to the flea soon. My hours have changed and I'll be working every Tuesday.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I officially declare a mental health day

Been at the danged flea almost every day this week. True, Saturday is one of our big sales days... but I don't really think my nerves can take it. But... here's some of the things at the market now that are easy cool...

These are sets of salt& pepper shakers. They're not mine... and I'm not a collector of such things... but let's face it, these are just too cool.

This is a vintage TV lamp. Lights up from behind.

This library table dates Rio about the 20's. Really, it's more of a desk, but the wide shelf under it is meant to store books, so it's called a library table. Very nice piece.

These are old metal file boxes... nothing too great, just way cool. They'd look great placed on the floor supporting a glass tabletop and calling themselves a coffee table.

And that's it for today...

Monday, January 07, 2013

How bout this...

So the thieves at the flea market have gotten to the point that we all insisting on security cameras.

Here's a few fun facts about shoplifters. Women with babies have been caught shoving jewelry into baby carriages and diaper bags and even the diapers their kids ate wearing. They are so blatant about it because they know that cops will usually refuse to arrest a woman with a child. But take my word for it... if the sales person insists on cooing over junior in the stroller, they might really like kids, but they might be checking out what else is in there.

If you by a case of toilet paper you cannot store it in the cabinet of the ladies room. Seriously, a case of toilet paper will disappear one roll at a time in the space of a day. You can store out in the men's room.

Men won't steal toilet paper. They will steal tools, knives, and women's shoes... I'm not sure I wanna think about the latter too much.

The other group we have to worry about are teenagers. There seems to be a certain subculture running around that consists of young boys stealing things to impress their girlfriends. There's actually no limit to what will disappear when these are involved.

And tag switchers. There's nothing like being at the counter when a package of king size sheets shows up, which usually sell for about 10 to 12 bucks, with a tag that says " crib sheets, 2.99" yesterday there was a " customer" ( and I'm using that word loosely) who had 11 items in their cart, and none of them were tagged right.

Since the economy has gotten worse, the problem has gotten worse. There's a study I heard about on NPR that says poverty doesn't create new thieves, but it makes petty thieves into major ones

I don't really know about that, but sometimes it seems I'm not really a customer service employee as much as a customer police man.

Oh well. Just feeling the grind I guess. I'll be my usual self again soon.

Sunday, January 06, 2013