Saturday, June 16, 2012

So... here's the thing.  Many years ago, I decided I wanted to start my own business.  But it seemed every time I started to do so... something happened.  Dad got sick, and taking care of things took all my attention.  Then mother got sick, and I ended up having to take care of that... and the flea market which she owned required my attention, then she got sicker, that business closed and yada yada yada etc etc etc... The time never seemed right to take care of what I wanted and I was too busy taking care of everybody else's stuff anyway. 

Something always seemed to be far more important and immediate.

Finally, it kind of dawned on me that the time would never be right.  You can't sit around waiting for the right time... the right time will never appear and you'll be sitting there on your butt 10 years later, which is pretty much what happened to me.  But it's also never too late... and now is as good a time as any. 

So I have visited the County Tax Office to aquire my DBA (That's Doing Business As) name and ID number, and I then drug my happy posterior end over to Dallas to visit the Texas Department of Agriculture. 

The DBA not only covers the new business but will be extremely helpful at tax time for being a courier.  (I'm considered an Independant Contractor, and it just helps.)  It's basically an all-encompassing business name. 

And the name is... (drum roll please...) Cactus Cowboy Enterprises. 

It's basically a florist liscense, and I'm now allowed to buy and sell plants at the flea market.  The liscense is important, because the state went through and ticketed people last year and now the markets are insistent that you have it. 

The booth will not only have plants, but will also focus in on Texanna, Americanna, Primitives and Victorianna.  There may be some Southwest... but not too much... primarily because most of what's available to me is that icky pastel 1980's Southwestern and I didn't like it then and time hasn't tempered my attitude much. 

My Church friend Hector, who graduated from Art school and now does the most amazing murals and faux finishes, has volunteered to paint me a sign for the market and I'm waiting. 

Of course, there's still a few things I need... I mean, there's not much use calling yourself Cactus Cowboy unless you have the proper attire.  So I'm desperately looking for green cowboy boots.  If worse comes to worse I've got some ratty ole boots and a can of spray paint, but I don't much feel like resorting to that...

And, well if you're going to announce that the Cactus Cowboy rides again, and follow that with a loud "HI HO SAGUARO!" well, then, you kind of need a faithful sidekick... Hector is perfectly willing to provide free artwork, but he balks at putting on a green sombrero and calling himself 'Napales'  Actually, he got quite testy when I sugested it and he just became absolutely unreasonable. 

Seriously... eventually I will upgrade to a nursery liscense.  I'm currently on the lookout for someplace to set up with a small greenhous... or maybe even just cold-frames.

Most importantly, I'm looking to have a little bit of fun along the way... Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

wow... 2 posts in 2 days... after months and months of total silence.  Hope nobodies head explode. 

1st of all... some of you may remember my post re: Callisia fragrans  if not... click that... anyway... I thought I'd give you a little update.  It's doing well.  Extremely well.  It has grown to proportions that made it's little 4 inch pot look ludicrous.  It has produced a total of 10 "babies" many of which have found homes of their own now.  It was placed... packed tight ball of wet spagnum moss and all, into an 8 inch pot, the pot was filled with regualar ole potting soil... and the thing didn't even pause.  It's going haywire. 

Just a quick posts... will definitely be a few days before I stop back by...

Saturday, June 02, 2012


howdy.  It's been a while.  Everything is doing ok for now... actually, it's doing darned good.  I've got 300+ pages of fiction written... a really really really crappy first draft actually, but I have no idea where this blasted story line is going. 

I've also, for about as long as I can remember had a bit of a dream of a job in the back of my head.  something I always wanted to try... but everytime I thought it might happen... well... something else happened.  First, dad got sick and I had to take care of things... then mom got sick and I had to take care of things, and I always seemed to be taking care of everybody elses things and not doing a blasted thing for me... well, I'm at an age where it's now or never. 

I'll make a formal announcement later... after the DBA and all that is filed...

No other real news. 

I was driving home on memorial day, when some woman was driving down the wrong side of the street and banged into me.  no one hurt, but inconvienent as all hell... and trying to get that straightened out would be greatly expedited by said woman calling her insurance company.  I filed the claim, but not one word from her yet...

Anyway... I'm still around.  Kinda.  Hope all my blog friends are doing well...