Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sago Update

As you can see, he's proceeding nicely.  There's a few other wayward plants that the guesthouse has around that I'm probably going to be adopting... at least maintaining even if I don't keep them.  I honestly can't stand plants to be not cared for...

There's definitely 4 growing tips on this plant, although the two inn the center are smaller and maybe less defined... 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cycas revoluta

So... haven't been blogging lately... there's  reasons... working my butt off its on top of the list, not really having anything to say except about work is another,  and that's just boring.  Not only for you, is not much fun for me either.

But I'm going to be in a bunch of movies and TV shows coming up, and I'll try to post warnings if I can keep them straight, but that's harder than you'd think... one of the best games on set is "were you on..?"

It goes, "Were you in ABC's set?"

"Ummm... maybe?  Did that film in Algiers?"

"No, Harrahan... or was that Kenner?"

Face it folks, sets all run together after a wee bit.

But I've managed to get a calm enough day to notice the world around me. 

Cycas revoluta at very popular around town... and this time of year, when the summer sticky weather begins to set in, is when they begin to put out new whorls of leaves before they sit there for a month or two and put out another. 

This one at Saint Vincent's is doing the same, but in a very atypical manner...

First of all... the old leaves are spread way to flat... they usually are held more Upright.  But more impressive... the growing point has split into four.  
I first noticed this about a month ago, and ever since I've been checking out the Sago Palms around town (Thats what they're referred to, even though theyre not palms as Sago Palms are another plant entirely) And of the hundreds around town, most have single growing points, a few have split into 2, and I've not seen a solitary triple much less a quad.

I'll update the progress, as theres a chance it will be an unattractive and highly undesirable development.   But maybe not.  Any body out there ever heard the like?

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

So..this casting director calls

And they showed some tv director my picture and he wants to cast me... that's cool. 

So I ask what I'll be playing. 

A vagrant. 

So he sees my pic and thinks vagrant.  What bloody pic are they showing him? 

I mean... I'm doing it,  But the only pic they have is a suit and tie thing... damn