Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More goings on...

So first... the Sanseveria that seems to have been sitting on the front porch of St V's for about a decade has decided to grace us with blooms.

Next, on tbe career front... Astronaunt Wives Club will be airing tomorrow.  I'm not  in the premier, but i am in the second episode, walking past the astronauts as they load into the parade cars.  I'm also in a tital of 7 episodes, dressed in various costumes... reporter, senator, ruffian, etc... but i don't really know how visible I'm gonna be.  

Also releasing around the corner is ZOO. which is still filming... a concierge in a hotel in Slovenia, And there's a couple of other scenes too... 

So... there's your answer Gary.

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  1. Claude,
    (lol), See I am paying attention in class!, (lol). Thank you! – G