Friday, June 05, 2015

Just an update...

Nothing really too interesting to report.   The 3rd shift at StV's got scrapped, not really sure why, so now I'm working random hours here and there which was definitely not the deal.  

I finally said screw it and started submitting for movie gigs... they'll have to work around my schedule... although I could tell you a few stories about management that would curl your hair.

(You would be appalled at the behaviour that goes on at hotels.  Add in the fact of New Orleans... just no,  I can't go there...)

I've been forced to kick out a few people already, but my real job is primarily on the computer doing reservations and billing.  Not fun at all.

One of the movie gigs I applied for I'm rather indifferent about getting.  Playing a racist redneck hurling insults at a group of 8 year old children.  I'm not the type to hurl racist insults and most definitely not at children, but that's the job so I guess I'd muddle through.  These kind of jobs tend to rip your heart out, but they're necessary to the plot so there we are... still, may not get it...

And by the way... anybody know what this plant is?   Several around NOLA... don't think I've seen them anywhere else.  And definitely not hydrangea...

The leaves smell distinctly bad... kinda musty.   But they're handsome enough...


  1. Claude,
    Glad to get an update from you, and it sounds like everything at St. V’s is normal, well normal for St. V’s. I gave myself a headache typing that but you know what I mean.

    A racist redneck??? Oh lawd!!! Now you are going to have to tell us more than just that you would be insulting 8 year olds. Movie title, story line, enquiring minds “want to know”!!! – G

    1. Its for Quarry, the same cable series I did the 70s bell bottoms for. Don't think I've gotten the part tho, And I'm not too upset about it. I am doing another episode of ZOO this Tuesday tho. This time in a business suit. Dont know what animal is attacking tho...

  2. This beautiful flowering plant looks like a relative to a red thing in my yard!

  3. I'm cracking myself up after a glass of wine, because I read this post and thought the exact same thing I see that I had already said in a previous comment! Oh my. Ha.