Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Random updates

 Just an update on various things... The Rhipsalis pilocarpa, aka Mousie, the subject of yesterdays post, has opened his first bloom today...
there are at least 50  buds currently on the plant, and more will probably develop
 over the next month or so.  This is the first opening of the flower, it will probably open wider, not that it's that big or impressive.  This pic shows it next to my big ole' man paws...
This next pic isn't particularly attractive, but as you can see, the pineapple (Ananas comosus)  is rooting along just fine.  Another week or two,  and I'll look into potting it up.  The top of the plant is spreading out a little, no doubt gearing up to start growing it's actual long leaves, and the remaining leaves further down on the cutting are definitely fading.  The plant sheds these juveniles as the longer true leaves start growing.  No pic of that though... it's really unattractive...
And the next pic of the pregnant onion (Albuca bracteata) shows it doing something a little unusual.. the end of the flower stalk is splitting in two.  Not something it's supposed to do, but I've seen the plants do it before, so it's not terribly uncommon either. 
And now, we're expecting a rather dramatic temperature decrease this evening, possibly sleet, and freezing rain.  All this week it's been quite nice out,  so I'm off to batten down the hatches and do what I can to prepare for the onslaught... hope all the blog people are having a great day! 
ps... the blasted computer isn't working to it's full capability, and therefore, I can't add the proper links to past posts.  It's all very annoying... but there we are. 

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  1. Yeah, I'll send you the bad weather when I'm through with it, and not a second sooner, you hear me ol' Texan? Haha, juuuust kidding. They're predicting another snowpacolpyse here, but that's mostly because we can't afford plows. :)

    I've never seen one of those pregnant onions but what adorable blossoms! Very cool.

    Computer problems are really tiring, aren't they? Everything just takes so much longer.