Friday, December 06, 2013

Dang it's cold...

Well, our weather hit.  No real snow just sleet and freezing rain.  Ted tho take a few pics, and I'm not happy with them, But it could be because the dim light right now, or maybe it's my mood...

If the following pic had a little more light involved, it might make a good top edge for a Christmas card... 

For some reason I like this one.  Don't know why, my art teacher would be having fits about composition and background... but it makes me happy.  Does need more light though.


And this metal spinner that hangs on the 

is just depressing.  The sleet is ongoing, and we're nowhere near the end of this, so maybe I'll get some photo ops yet.

went out with the intention of getting some ice and snow on the Christmas displays.  Doesn't work out.  The inflatable Santa, when ice encrusted, looks like he had one to many eggnog s and passed out in the lawn... and i must say, he has absolutely no business piloting a magical flying sleigh in that condition.  


  1. It's very cold here, too, but at least we don't have sleet. I feel for ya, man, that sucks!

  2. "Soon a fat man in a red suit will be visiting you. Avoid him at all costs; he is a commie"