Monday, December 23, 2013

Rambling away

Saw a rather handsome Cooper's Hawk in the yard this morning.  He let me get within 20 feet of him, but want tolerating a camera pointed at him and flew off the second I tried.

Not a great weekend at the flea market.  Got the typical Texas holiday weather... ankle deep mud with the occasional freeze. 

Wears your nerves. 

I don't do much for the holidays anymore.  I give myself the gift of quiet.  (I'd explain, but I've explained in previous years and I no longer feel the need to justify myself.)  

Of course, that doesn't keep people from trying to force it on me...  but I'm getting pretty good at bowing out firmly by gracefully.

The day after Christmas May be busy... the gentleman who owns the flea market owns a firework stand and may need help... from December 26 to December 31 is prime time for that business... almost as busy as the fourth of July.  I'm first on the list for sales help. 

That should be good.

No real subject for this post.  Just some ramblings...


  1. Working at the firework stand sounds kinda fun!!!

  2. We need to get you out of that rotten state and over here. You could charge Santa Fe prices at their flea market. There are options, my friend, options.