Sunday, December 01, 2013

Just a howdeedoo

Between the flea market, the etsy store,  and the Thanksgiving induced coma, i haven't had a split second to even think about posting on the blog... so sorry to abandon all of you...  

The first freezes of the year have hit... almost everything on the garden had moved into its winter sleep... except for the roses.  These were origionally some of those grocery store mini roses... 
The blooms are still tiny, but the plants are now 3 feet tall and about 5 wide... and they're blooming despite the freezes...


  1. 3 feet tall mini roses? They must LOVE it there!!!!! Amazing!

    I am looking at my new tote bag made by YOU, and am thinking I will line and trim it out in Christmas cotton print to take shopping over December! Will show on blog and promote your site when I get it done!!!!!

  2. Lovely blooms.
    That is totally a beautiful sight to smell all the fragrance.