Monday, December 16, 2013

I've been upcycling again...

Recently being locked in due to weather conditions make me crafty due to shear boredom.  No point in getting out when everything is closed up, right?

So, I found these beer bottles by the side of the road... bud light platinum,  they do blue bottles because blue glass is just so cool... and I decided to turn them into hanging vases. They're great for rooting and or growing cuttings...

Not totally my idea.  A former dealer at the flea did this with clear bottles and macrame.  But I don't enjoy macrame much, although I will admit it would be quicker tha the crochet I chose.

This is a first experiment... it has problems... but its ok, huh?


  1. I would truly make a nice hanging plant bottle holder kind of thing.
    And the blue certainly makes it all so beautiful.

  2. How pretty! Don't know how i had missed this post! Love these!!!!!

  3. I like it - very cool.