Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My first Christmas present

The Cooper's Hawk came back this morning. 

Today he left me a feather.  Don't know what I can possibly get for him.


  1. I suppose you just have to ask yourself, what would I need if I were a bird? And then get that.

    It's cold there, right? Maybe a beak-warmer?

    Target gift card?

    Or maybe you should just go tit for tat and leave him a clump of body hair or some toenail clippings.

    1. Actually, a yummy treat is always welcome.... how about a nice rat?

  2. At the risk of being Christmas Cliché – ish, I am sure the gift of a Christmas Goose would be more then appreciated. But I don’t think hawks are carrion eaters, so you will need to stand in the yard and twirl it around on the end of a long tether. :-)

  3. Interesting! Most men don't have a clue about appropriate gifts. Your visitors and you must be three in a million.

  4. What an awesome gift!!!