Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Three unconventional craft tools that I don't wanna live without...

Anyone who does crafty things knows that sometimes getting it done can be a pain...  it's always more difficult than the instructions say and what they call 3 easy steps usually turns into a dozen.
And I don't need to mention that you can go broke buying those labor saving devices.  Here's 3 that are free or dirt cheap.

First the makeup wedge.  I learned this from a lady who was hopeless with a paintbrush but could work miracles with one of these.  Probably due to familiarity with the tool.  They produce a clean edge, give a even coat of paint, and work pretty good for stenciling too... but if you're the kind of person who uses them on a regular day to day basis, you're probably the kind of person who has a valuable manicure, so you'll probably need gloves.  price - you can usually find a pack of these for a dollar at bargain stores.
Second, the standard nursery tray.  Lifts flat boards up enough to allow you to paint edges without sticking the board to the surface.  And you can stand things like wooden dowells up in it to paint and dry.  price - free if you bought plants this spring, or a nursery will usually be willing to give you one.

And this is the wire spool that barbed wire comes on.  It also lifts objects up to make things easier to paint. And you can hang ornaments and such from the points to spray paint all sides at once.  Added bonus, When not being used for crafts, it makes a funky plant stand.  price - I found this for free by the side of a country road, but lots of different kinds of wire come on these, check around warehouses.  You might get them at junk markets or flea markets for under five bucks.


  1. Claude,
    All are most ingenuous, but am particularly interested in the barbed wire spool. Guess it’s time to stalk the local farms in the area. - gary

    1. Don't limit yourself to barbed wire, many kinds of wire come on those metal spools. I found mine by the side of a farm road, but the dumpsters outside of warehouses for certain industries might have a few of these around too.

  2. Thanks for these awesome tips, Claude!!!