Tuesday, September 17, 2013

well *&%^#%#@

You know... I try not to cuss.  But sometimes... it's just gonna happen... The new phone, which I've had for less than three months, quit.  Just quit.  It wasn't dropped, it was fully charged, it was working just fine... then it wasn't.  It's a major bloody inconvenience.

I have job applications out with that phone number.

I have all my numbers and pictures in that phone. 

I use that phone to post on Facebook.

I use that phone to surf the web. 

I use that phone to take credit cards at the flea. 

I use that phone to post my endlessly fascinating blog posts.  Well, usually, right now I'm using a borrowed laptop, but what if I'm out in the middle of a field and I see an extremely rare and unusually slimy, grotesque slug, and I want to tell all of you about it, because I know you're all fascinated with such things, and I won't have my phone to take an excruciatingly disgusting pic, or write a post, and there will probably not be a handy laptop for me to borrow.

As is I was planning on taking some pics and starting the Little Goth Bob Blog.  That's not gonna happen now...

The real point is that EVERYTHING is in that tiny little plastic piece of crap.

And I was wanting to take pics of a plant project. 


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  1. I think some things are programmed to self-destruct, just when we need them the most. Aaargh! Hope you find a solution to your dilemma very soon.