Monday, September 16, 2013


Well, the flea market is being demanding, but in a good way... business is down a little, primarily due to the heat.  And next week is ANTIQUE ALLEY.  That's the link to their web site, for those of you who don't really know what that is... basically, the highway between Cleburne and Grandbury becomes a giant flea market.  I've worked it a few times, but it can be expensive, booth space anywhere from $35 to $100, and a whole lot of trouble.  You usually turn a profit, but you come out of it truly beat down.

Anyway, I'm told that last year, we at Renfro Trade Days actually got some of the overflow from it... people who were on their way to or from Antique Alley stopped.  (we're fairly close to Cleburne, one of the starting or end points of the event.)  But a lot of our dealers are going to be working the Alley, so I don't know how busy we'll be... if people drive by and don't see any activity from the road, or see a bunch of booths that are covered with tarps and closed up, they may not stop.

I mentioned before, there is a haunted house in our parking lot over Halloween.  This will be opening up on Sept. 27, and it evidently brings business in.  The Haunted House people found out that I used to read Tarot cards for private parties and such back in my far more glamorous gothic days and they've talked me into putting a table in my booth to do readings.  Well, it's extra cash, so why not. 

They've also announced that they will be having a competition for the best decorated Halloween booth, the prize being free booth rental for the month.  Now, back in my Tarot days, I was actually a general party worker.  I free lanced with florists and party planners.  I can do some amazing things with a ball of yarn, some plastic mylar and a glue gun... I can do some of it practically in my sleep.  So while some of the dealers began pulling out plastic pumpkins and talking about stuffing a scarecrow... I'm thinking... I can do this.  BWAH HA HA HA HA. 

Face it folks... I've got a tarot table and small obnoxiously cute voodoo dolls... I'm starting with an advantage.  And then, I find out that the theme for the haunted house this year is zombie apocalypse, Little Goth Bob was just thrilled to his little wood and wire bones.

But... I'm thinking something else for my booth theme.  (You have to have a theme when you do these things.  It helps you focus and keeps everything from looking muddy)

Pics will of course be forthcoming.  I may even show you how to make a few things...  

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  1. Ooooooh...sounds all so fun!!! Goth Bob is excited, I know!!! Can't wait to see pics!