Friday, September 20, 2013

not a good day...

So, I knew it was antique alley weekend.  I wasn't expecting a huge crowd at the flea, so I decided that it would be a fine day to take in all the collected bits and pieces that I was going to use to decorate for Halloween.  And last night it rained.  Which i should have expected, after all, they throw antique alley in the 2nd half of September because that's when the summer heat breaks.  That's also when the autumn rain starts, and it's 100%guaranteed to rain on antique alley, at least on one of the 4 days.

So, it had rained overnight.  I wasn't however expecting 5 inches of water in my booth.

It's not disastrous as it sounds.  I've worked enough outside venues to know that you raise everything off the ground.  I had some warehouse skids under my shelves, and I've got cinder blocks under other stuff, and 2 x 4's under others, and everything was pretty much safe,  but it was an unholy mess.

There was one booth, towards the front, middle aisle, much better location, and out was empty and not flooded.  I laid claim and defied anyone to argue with me, and began moving stuff.

About one o'clock, I was pretty much moved, not quite totally, but it started raining again, I was converted in mud up to my knees, my shoes were soaked through, and I finally gave in too the misery and got home.

Now, add to the flooding problem.  The county had been alerted to this, and swears they're gonna fix the drainage issue, does drain, just S L O W.  They're gonna dig the new ditches,  etc, etc, yada yada... but, it's government so it will happen when it happens.

They say no rain tomorrow.  We'll see.

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  1. Oh dang! This is a pretty crazy time for something like this with all the rains at this time of year!!!

    Thanks for all the info on my blog about hardware! Interesting. I'm glad I tidied them up a bit for her.