Thursday, September 05, 2013

Spider poem

Well, I threatened to post more poems from Vachael Lindsey, didn't I?

You've seen this pic a few weeks ago... but it fits...

The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly

Once I loved a spider
When I was born a fly,
A velvet-footed spider
With a gown of rainbow-dye.
She ate my wings and gloated.
She bound me with a hair.
She drove me to her parlor
Above her winding stair.
To educate young spiders
She took me all apart.
My ghost came back to haunt her.
I saw her eat my heart.

This may be Mr . Lindsey at his best.  On the surface it seems to be a rather dark children's verse.  
Which upsets some people.  For some reason, people are under the impression that childhood is a long period of butterflies and unicorns... but I've recited this to more than a few of my friends kids, and they tend to go, "ewwww" then erupt into delighted giggles.   Face it folks, children are a little bit blood thirsty.

And, by the way, my ability and willingness to recite such ditties has one beneficial side affect.  I'm rarely if ever asked to babysit.  SCORE!

But that's only on the surface.  
This poem isn't about a spider or a fly.  The spider is really a woman, and the fly is the poet.  Nothing eats your heart like a predatory lover.  Or that's my take... what's yours?

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  1. I would agree with you about the woman. It's no wonder we're relegated to second-class status in many cultures. (Sigh) I applaud your efforts to educate the younger generation whilst avoiding the dreaded babysitting job. I certainly never enjoyed it. It's a wonder I even have kids of my own.