Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Random stuff

While it may seem that I'm risking this becoming a little goth Bob blog...  way back in November of 2009, I posted about little lounge lizard blog.  This is the post here.

Well I got this pic from his caretaker... seems he's retired from his glamorous nite club life and spends his days on a shelf watching television and monitoring the temperature  with his thermometer.

And I found these lawn gators on the net.  They're made of tires.  It seems that half the planet is on the web trying to find instructions for making them.  
These instructions don't exist.  These were made by an artist, and he ain't releasing the secret.  I'd wing it... But i can't find any pics that show the snout the tail 
So it's kinda hard to figure without a visual.


  1. Lounge Lizard Bob looks so cool there on the shelf. Sounds like he does have a pretty cushy life now! Cool thermometer, too!!! Those tire alligators are really neat! Amazing!!!

  2. Claude,
    I see a new cable network reality show in the offing. “Gator Goth Bob – Texas”. I am however going to have to ponder the gator construction myself, interesting idea. – gary