Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekends are busy...

By here's a few pics I managed to take at the flea...

Morning glories growing on the fence.   These are the wild varieties that bloom this type of year after the fall rains start. 

A six foot tall iron bird cage.... if you don't have a bird, they're great for displaying plants.  Orchids look great, or bromiliads.  Its.asking price is 150.00.

A teak Victorian rocker... priced at $175.00, but we could talk her down a little. 

And just for fun...

The soundtrack to Valley Of The Dolls. A hipster must have... for a dollar...


  1. i have never seen Valley of the Dolls.

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    2. Julie... most people see it because its just so bad. And Sharon Tate only had a very few screen credits.