Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Not good drama

So... I was doing late night laundry at the guest house.  Mine, plus some of the back log of sheets after 2 fully booked weeks... (just for the record, and totally unrelated, life is too Damn short to fold fitted sheets)  it's about 11 pm. 

And fire alarms start going off. 

What the hell.

No smoke, no fire, nothing.

It took less than a minute determine that the alarm was set of by one of our residents... to get help.

Said resident is HIV positive, although it is controlled, but also has colon cancer, formerly in remission it has reared its ugly head Again.  I knew this, because he had been going to Doctor appointments. 

We found him in a fetal position beside the fire alarm on the second floor... EMS arrived and began asking questions, and that's how we found out that not only had the cancer returned, but it had metasicised into his kidneys... he is suffering intense pain, had managed to get out of his room trying to find help, finding no one he'd grabbed the fore alarm and collapsed.

So I am currently sitting in the ER sitting room because his son lives inn London, his brother in New York City, and there's no one else... the employees (he does some part time computer work for the hotel) all thought someone should come, but no one exactly volunteered and they kept starting at me, and here I am. 

Just for the record... riding in the ambulance is pointless.  I rode in, got put in the waiting room, and haven't seen hide nor hair of anyone for 3 hours now. 

Furthermore, there's some documentary filming and there's cameras following the firemen and EMTs around and generally annoying the holy hell out of us. 

We don't want filmed. 


There will be absolutely no chance of you being able to put this in your documentary because no-one at the guesthouse is signing a release... not to mention that one of our young lady employees is about three inches from the camera reciting a long list of words that there is absolutely no chance will ever be allowed on TV. 

Trust me... the infamous FBomb was the least of it... sailors would swoon at the verbosity displayed.  

Regardless,  now I'm here, being completely useless and unnecessary, And slightly hungry. 

So, how long does it take for them to do a blasted CAT scan anyway?  I'm beginning to get annoyed. 

So I go to the intercom and ask for his status...

They say he's been released.

I have been pushing this button asking about him, they've been telling me they'd come get me when I could see him, (after going through multiple ER visits with both my parents, you'd think I'd realize that many nurses are lying sacks of shit, right?)
And now they've just discharged him and let him wander out....

Sorry about my language but... WHAT THE FUCK.

So I try to figure out where he'd be and, hoping he made it home I make the 40 minute walk in about 10 minutes and he's here. 

I ask about the kidney issue and the cancer and he says "what are you talking about?  I had a stroke."

So they let a guy who had a stroke wander out on the street. 


  1. Claude,

    I could go into a long, very long commentary here on the American Health Care System but I will not sully your blog with the obvious you have so well pointed out in this post.

    Anyway, I am glad you “both” made it back to St V’s safely. – G