Monday, September 01, 2014

Saying goodbye to the flea

Sunday was my final day at the flea market... I'm leaving lots of friends behind me.

First of all... cotton candy factory, take note...this is what a farewell cake looks like.  Just sayin'. 

And I had some special visitors to my party. 
2 weeks ago a kitten was found abandoned at the 
Flea market.  It was barely 7 days old.  He was taken in by one of our vendors who had experience rescuing strays, and he's doing well... at three week Old, they brought him back to say farewell to me.  

Everybody met Renfro Rocky.

He has Van 
Coloration, which means he's white with a colored tail. 

And of course, Toby, the spoiled rotten Chiweenie dog will be missed too.

Hoping everyone out there will have a wonderful labor day.  I'll be spending my day getting ready to get on a bus.  


  1. Oh dang Claude. This post made me cry. So sad to leave. Many will miss you! Keep us posted on your whereabouts!

  2. Anonymous3:47 AM


    “LOL”, yep, the cake has Little Debbie bet hands down, “LOL”. It seems your party at the flea market was a grand time. Little Renfro is a cutie and by the looks of the third picture well on his way to being a spoiled sweetheart, how wonderful he was rescued.

    Guess the coming days will be full, hoping you have the time to post and keep us updated. Take care, be safe, and write soon of you adventures. – gary