Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pics and rambling and whatnot

Just some pics from around.

This is saint Vincents, again, from the side.  The building to the right is the origional childrens ward, which is now the hostel ward.  As you can see... there's three big buildings and a 12foot wall surrounding a courtyard.
The next is one of the public libraries.  The building dates back to the time That libraries were privately funded rather than government entities.  This mansion, and theres no other word than mansion, waa donated by a family.  Its surrou.ded by other mansions in the toniest part of the garden district.  Seriously theres not a house down there worth less than 2 million.  You almost feel obligated to dress up to check out a mystery novel.

And theres something about this town that feeds your creativity.  I've always liked yarn bombing.  Where people knit or crochet something, and wrap it around a sign post or tree trunk or what have you. Ive never done it though .
Until i found a bag of yarn someone was discarding... and the colors inspired my inner hippie. 
And tben, i of course, had to make a skull...
And then i decided said skull would make a really cool curtain tassel...


  1. OMG! YOU DID A YARN BOMB! AWESOME!!!!! IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! I am so impressed with that!!! YEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  2. A city like New Orleans seems like the perfect place to sell crocheted skulls!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say how awesome your 3D skull is!