Thursday, September 04, 2014


So, I made it.  Im staying at St. Vincents again...

Here's my room.  
The challenge seems to have been getting as many colors in one room without actually matching any of them.  They won.  


My first day here involved passing out all day.  I'm too damned old for 13 hour bus rides.  

My second day revolved around getting lost on the bus system.  

I did talk to a couple of stores on Magazine street.  One might be interested in the crocheted skulls,  either as earrings or attached to shoes.  

I wandered into a needlework shop in search of #20 crochet cotton.  They weren't able to help me with that... they only sold specialty yarns, but they immediately did a search through business cards to give a couple of stores that might want see the skulls.  

 Which surprised me .  Considering that there were enough seriously sweet , cute,  and charming projects in that shop i needed testosterone shots on exiting, i  I didn't really think they'd be impressed with the skull at all.

Still, they were helpful, 

And if I'm ever in the market for 20 dollar skeins of yarn I know where to go.  I mean, it was some seriously cool yarn... but a scarf would set me back a hundred bucks...

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  1. Oh, I'm glad you arrived safely, and now the challenge of learning the city! The skulls should go over well there in New Orleans! If you can find interesting stuff anywhere, it's there!!! Love the old building where you are staying!