Friday, September 05, 2014

Apartment hunting.

So I was running around looking for cheap rent.  This was about 3 blocks off the French Quarter.  It's looking a little rundown,  but it's about as authentic New Orleans as you can get. 

You'll notice the front stoops.  They are important.   Almost all buildings here are above ground level.  This keeps them from flooding.  stoops are also very important for socoalizing.  You sit on the stoop, drink your refreshing beverage,  and pass judgement on the neighbors.  

New Orleans does, at this time off year At least, Have a rather annoying habit of raining with NO WARNING AT ALL.  
So, I'm afraid my apartment hunting ended with me looking Like 
I'd been drug through a mudhole.  I made a mad dash through the French Quarter for the bus line, and while Resting under a balcony, i 
noticed that the Baptists convention was having a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Which is very conveniently located next door to Larry Flynts HUSTLER sex emporium.  I 
was curious to see if Hustler was going to have an after lunch rush, but I decided to run for the bus instead...

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  1. Smart man to run for the bus.....