Tuesday, September 16, 2014


So I was on the balcony this morning when I saw something on the handrail... it turned out to be a pair of tiny little mushrooms...

Not really that surprising.  New Orleans is in a constant state of war between civilization and decay... here the swamp wins a minor victory.  

From the moment a structure is built, this town's swampy origins begins to eat at it, slowly but inevitably nibbling around the edges, eventually creeping its way past paint and mortar in an attempt reclaim its territory.  Some homeowners keep themselves in a frenzy of constant maintenance, some give up, ssurrendering to the inevitable victor.  Most are somewhere in between, replacing what needs to be replaced, confining themselves to battles they have some hope of winning.


  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    But, the battle makes for some pretty awesome photographic opportunities as your marvelous shot shows. I could see this captured moment hanging in a gallery, excellent! – gary

  2. Awe....love these stories and photos of strength!