Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Keeping NOLA Wierd...

I saw this parked behind the library today... (the downtown library, not the pretty one I showed you in the last post)

Covering vehicles with the written word is relatively common down here.  Sometimes its a political rant, sometimes its poetry.  

I've started checking them out... 

This one is just a long rather confused rant blaming certain individuals, businesses, and the CIA for stealing his paintings.   

There are a few of his paintings in the windows, They're ok in the religious icon, Latino folk art kinda way,  but i don't see anything that would set the CIA off...


  1. How interesting! I've never seen this done before!

  2. We have a few of those around here, too, but yours is certainly more elaborate. Wow, someone had time on his hands!

  3. I wonder how long it lasts, and what they write/draw/paint it with.