Thursday, September 25, 2014

A tiresome week.

I've spent most of the week dealing with Job1 and the Louisianna Workforce Commission. 

And, while they're a tad bit more convenient and user friendly than the Texas incarnations of their offices, the key word in that sentence is, 'tad.'

Anytime the government is involved,  you're in for a big hot mess of 1) self important non-entities and 2) conflicting information. 

By Wednesday,  after spending a soul sucking morning I needed a soul feeding afternoon.

So I bought a book of Emily Dickinson poetry at Goodwill and settled myself at a street cafe with a cup of cafe au lait.  I considered wearing a beret.  But that would just be pretentious.   Not as pretentious as showing up with a poodle who smokes.  But still. 

So, fully recharged, I went off again today... to a completely futile day at aforementioned institutions... (I was told to be there at 2 pm for something that doesn't happen until  9 am tomorrow) And there's only so much that caffeine and Emily Dickinson can be expected to achieve...

I'm thinking booze. 

And a poodle that smokes.


  1. Booze is good. Smoking poodles are still pretentious, but one might at least prove a distraction.

    1. Ah... but I'd have to buy it cigarettes...

  2. Oh Claude! Seems no matter what you get into, you still always manage to make something funny of it. You gave my face the biggest grins reading this. You are just a cool dude! If you had a smoking poodle, you would have to have the beret!!!!! Seriously tho, hang in will come out on top!!!!!

    1. I suffer from the illusion that life is, ultimately, pretty ludicrous to begin with. All i dois go with the flow.

  3. Argh! I feel your pain. Government entities can be such a pain!

    Have you checked with any of the interior landscapers in town? Maybe you should knock on their doors. That's how I got started. I knew I was good with plants, so I went looking for kindred spirits. It won't pay that well, but maybe it would be enough to sustain you for awhile.