Monday, May 31, 2010

First harvest...

Earlier this spring, when I was starting my garden in my haphazard lasidasical way... I found a packet of beans with about 8 seeds in it. I stuck them in the ground, and walked away... and today, I pulled a handfull of yellow wax beans off the 5 surviving plants.

Yeah, I know... not much, but I'm only feeding myself, and I most certainly am not going to can any, and frozen beans are always too tough to bear... so a few occasional handfuls of beans are more than plenty.

Today, I also harvested my first tomato. A porter... which is a little guy, smaller than a roma and larger than a cherry. I would have included him in the pic, but I had a flashback to childhood, and I sat right down in the garden and bit into it while it was still warm from the sun... wonderful...


  1. What a happy moment to get these vegies off the plants!!! I don't care how is sheer happiness to me!!! That tomato must have tasted grand...right off the bush!!!

  2. Claude, How great to be able to enjoy and tomato in the garden all ready. Was gald to hear how well the sago's are doing in your last post. I'm sure with your care the areca will recover and and repay your effort by becoming a wonderful plant. - G