Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the Beer Can Garden EVOLVES!!!!

Now, I've posted a couple of times about the beer can garden... the first time HERE

Basically, here's the story in a nutshell...

this is in a rather neglected part of Ft. Worth... unfortunately, the yuppies have decided on an urban renewal plan and condos are going in.

so the Beer Can man had to remove a whole bunch of the beer cans, and what was actually a rather amazing sight was reduced to something rather pitiful. The reason for this was that they were supposedly impeding foot traffic outside his fence, which is technically public property. Now, even though it's public property, the city doesn't feel inclined to maintain it in any way, and there's no sidewalks, but the city had the law on it's side and the beer can garden was partially dismantled.

and it looked pitiful.

and now, it's starting to look like something again...

now... as mentioned in previous posts... these neighborhoods exist in every larger city... forgotten little pockets crammed between factories and the railroad... sure, there are trains going by at 2 am, but nobody cares... and you can usually do what you want. That's the only real reason for living there. I have personally seen goats wandering less than a mile from downtown, and a dozen old toilet bowls planted with geraniums lined up in military precision.
It's eccentric.
I'll give you that.
But, really, it's kinda cool too...


  1. This is amazing! Who would do this? It is crazy!!!

  2. An awesome display.