Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chamaelobvia 'Rose Quartz'

And this morning we have blooms from a wonderful Chamaelobvia "Rose Quartz", one of the hybrids of Peanut Cactus... I'm not even going to get into the nomclamature on this... lets just say that there are people out there who call this Lobvia, Echinopsis, and a few others... it's one of the plants that have historically bounced around from genus to genus. Yes, I realize that we should all know the accurate latin names of our plants. It would, however, be very helpful if you people made up your minds what they were before you twisted my arm to remember it.

I will take on the 'Rose Quartz' part of the name though... I've seen the rock called rose quartz. They're pale, milky pink. Absolutely nothing to do with these vibrant ruby toned blooms. I realize that the people who develop the cultivars and hybrids get to name them, but there should be some standards...
Anyway, this plant showed up at the house last July, in this post.
Peanut cactus are one of the easiest cactus to grow, and very rewarding. Repeated flushes of blooms all summer, unlike most cactus which bloom more or less once and you better be waiting for it with camera poised when it happens, cause it will only be there for a few minutes... Culture is simple. Pot it, stick it in the sun, and throw some water in it's general direction every once in a while. Come winter, stick it in a window, and try to remember which window next spring.


  1. Claude, I hang my head in "shame" and ask myself how in my advanced years is it that I have never given cactus a second glance? Thank you for opening my eyes. They are wonderful and not just for the blooms. I have started looking at stucture/shape as well. - G

  2. It's easy for you Claude!!! I have the worst luck with cactus!It is Beautiful!!!!

  3. Cacti have some of the nicest flowers. They're often covered with them too which is an added bonus!

  4. How did I miss your post here??? I came by to see if you are OK...been awhile since I'd seen ya on the blog! These are really gorgeous flowers! I agree...not really Rose Quartz shade of pink, eh??? Oh well...much prettier me thinks!