Thursday, May 06, 2010

Look what I found scrounging around...

I was driving to the grocery store on trash day about a month ago... when I happened to see these by the road.

two badly treated cycas revoluta... more commonly known as sago palm. (of course a real sago palm is another plant entirely, but that's what these are called) It would appear that our rather hellacious winter had killed all of last years more tender growth, and had prompted a home-owner to just give up hope, so out they went to the curb.

Where I picked them up. That's because I'm pretty sure that if there's any green left on a plant, there is a chance that it can be recovered.

Well, as I said above, this was a month ago. And they've been sitting there looking like... well like that up there. Nothing. I suppose some gardeners would be discouraged. I however grow cactus. I'm used to plants sitting around doing nothing but looking like an unfriendly thorny lump for long stretches of time.

But then today... I saw this...

See that in the middle there? It's new growth! Specifically, it's new growth on the plant in the top right hand side of the first pic.

The other plant... well not so much yet...

But I'm not giving up hope yet. It still has those green leaves after all. And even if it's main growing tip never stirs to life, the plant can produce new growing tips off from the roots...
And why go through all this trouble? Lots of reasons.
1) I'm an experimental type of gardener. I like to do things just to see what happens
2) This plant is considered pretty drought tolerant, and if I get it in the ground it is reasonably hardy in my area.
3) Cycads are some of the oldest species of plants on the planet
4) While they're technically not a cactus or a succulent, they are however prickly enough to fit into my Prickly Plant theme and finally...
5) These are damned expensive plants!
That price tag was from last year, they've gone up a little last time I checked.

I see from my tiny bit of research that they like sandy, quick draining soils with some organic matter mixed in. Quite frankly, that describes the topsoil that you buy from the nurseries locally...
Anyway... my experience is more in the cacti realm... any wisdom from anybody out there?


  1. I never had one. But seems that everyone has good luck with them in this area.Don't you love picking up throw aways!

  2. Claude, Have to agree with you. "If there's green, there's life. And if there's life it's worth giving it a shot". Hope these two will reward you with years of enjoyment. - G

  3. Looks like you are on the way to at least 1 (so far) gorgeous plant! I love to rescue too...there is just something about it that is fun and satisfying! I'm sure the other one will respond well in some way also! Great find, eh! The price was right!!!!!