Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally, an ID on this darned plant!

So... I've had this darned plant for 2 years now, and I've never been able to pin down an ID... so it finally occured to me to send some pics over to the wonderful guys at Cactus Blog... I mean, I've been reading their posts for a year now, and they are very knowledgable guys and they ID all sorts of things for other people.. why the hell didn't I ask before, right?

well, they've definitely ID'd it as Mammillaria perbella ... which was one of my tentative ID's, but compared to the pics on the sites it just didn't look the same.
Turns out that since this is growing in cultivation, the spines and the wool in the axils aren't as thick.
but it's definitely a M. perbella.
Well, that's a relief... now what am I going to worry about?

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  1. need a new worry??? Can I give you a few??? LOLOL!!! This is a lovely specimen! Good idea to ask Cactus Blog!!!