Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random pics and stuff...

just some random pics around the yard... not sure that there's anything all that interesting going on...

This is an actual Mansfield Cemetary cactus blooming in the back... not bad for a cutting that is a little less than a year old, huh? As you can see, he's already growing offsets, and the smaller cutting directly next to him is more typical of the cuttings that I have... still too small, but I expect big things from them next year...

And the winter may have killed my Variagated Agave americana... but the roots have evidently survived underground and are starting to resprout... how cool is that? I'll probably take one inside this winter, as they're evidently not as hardy as the unvariagated form. The web-sites aren't in agreement as to exactly how hardy they are... so we'll not take any chances...

And here's a common everyday thistle by the side of the road. I've always been fond of thistle. I have no real reason why, just am...

And here's the new growth on the Sago Palm... The other rescued sago may be showing some signs of stirring to life... but it's very subtle... anyway... as soon as these leaves get up and hardened off, I'll cut off the older beat up leaves, what few are left, and try to find a place in the yard to put this guy... where he'll sit for at least 3 months before he puts up another whirl of leaves... they don't grow their leaves one at a time, but rather in periodic bursts. Sometimes only one group a year, and never it seems more than 3 a year. hmmmmm.

Anyway... no day off for me this week... I've got to work on Monday for someone who's got a Dr's appointment... oh well...


  1. Your cemetary cactus is really blooming!!! How beautiful! A agree with the is something to like, for sure! Sorry such a busy week, but maybe you will be much richer????? When you do get a day off maybe you could bake a cherry pie and put pics on here for me to look at. I am craving one, but don't want to eat it. Well, just something to think about.....:)

  2. Nice blooms cactus and new leaves in Cycas
    Good spring

  3. Claude, the sago is really coming on from the pic you posted when you found it. I don't know what special care and tending you have given it but it seems to be working. - G

  4. I'm jealous! But at least mine are still alive! I hope next year I will get a bloom. I'll take a slice of that cherry pie!!!!

  5. Julie & pudgeduck... sorry, not really a pie maker.

    Ashraf - long time no see! hope you're doing well...

    Gary, I just let the danged thing alone, largely... I did give them a little plant food shortly after they got here, but nothing special since.

  6. I've always loved watching Sago Palm leaves unfurl. So weird but neat. I hope my little Mansfield Cemetery Cactus will have blooms someday. It's still alive, but hasn't grown much. Maybe one day it will just take off!