Sunday, June 28, 2009

So, Thursday night and Friday I was all sick from something I ate. Fine.

But Saturday, I decided that there was some gardening that could no longer wait... despite the fact that it was 103 degrees and the are pollution levels were on a red alert. So, looking back, I probably shouldn't have done that... and I did pay for it most of today... but I guess I did at least achieve something... I managed to dig most of the suckers out of the agave, as they were pushing the bricks out of place and waving their thorny little tentacles in a threatening manner at the cars passing by...

And I moved the tumbling pots over towards the front cactus bed, as I wasn't happy with where it was.
And then I started potting up the pups from the agave... which really, aren't really pups anymore as much as they're pretty good sized agaves... and now I'm waiting for them to root good so that I can get them to the flea market and sell them...

Of course, I'm not terribly sure that all of this is worth the wheezing and coughing that I did for the rest of the night, but there we are.


  1. Good lord, were you trying to kill yourself??? I hope you at least have an inhaler to use when you wheeze!!! You remind me of someone else who just can't sit still, even when sick!!! (My MOM). LOL.
    Hope you are feeling better by now!
    Those agaves look real healthy!!!
    Take it easy for a while now...OK???

  2. Claude,
    Hope you are feeling better! Since you havent posted in a few days, I was a tad concerned. I wish I had somewhere to sell Agave pups. Right now, I have about 30! It's hard to just throw them out, but I certainly don't need any more in my landscape. I've given so many away, no one wants to even look at Agaves any longer.

  3. Hi Claude,
    Hope you are feeling better
    and thank you for interesting ,
    i am busy only .
    i like Agaves and pots, i think you will selling them.
    Good luck ,
    Have a nice day

  4. That is alot of work for 103 temps! I tend to pull a few weeds and then retreat to the somewhat cool of the house! Now that monsoons are here the cooler just doesnt keep it that cool! I love your pots- I want to try and do one of those.

  5. Glad you are up and hopefully feeling better! I haven't been able to comment -computer stuck or something! I don't go outside much in our HOT weather-