Sunday, June 07, 2009

nothing particularly new...

Well, ever since last Monday, I haven't really seen anything worth taking a pic of in my wandering around... but I wanted to make a post anyway... so I took the camera out in the yard to see what there was to be seen... and here they are in no particular order... This is the street view of my cactus bed in the front yard. The purple coneflowers self seeded a few years ago, and I just left them. I have dug a few out for friends, as they were shading out the rock garden to the right in the pic...
and here's the view from the yard....
here's one of the Texas wildflowers that came up in the yard and I've been very carefully mowing around... I'm gonna take the seeds off of this and scatter them in a better location for next year. It's a Mexican Hat or Black eye'd susan, or prarie coneflower... I think it depends on who's telling you about them...

Next is a Pavonia hastata... AKA rock rose. This small flowered relative of the hibiscus is one of my faves... The bush is a little rampant, and the blooms are small... just shy of 2 inches across... not really that impressive... except the hotter it gets, the more it blooms... a very valuable trait. This bush, in the upcoming heat of August, will be covered with hundreds of these small white flowers when everything else is doing it's level best to crawl under a rock.

The crown of thorns, which I talked about in a previous post when someone abandoned it on my porch just knowing that the local cactus freak would love it... and the Pachypodium...
A little Mammilaria bloom... I forget which one of the top of my head...
And on a corner of the of the front rock garden, an old galvanized bucket that had sprung a leak now is home to a tiny variagated agave, right in the middle, and a Ghost plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense) & all the leaf cutting that fell off said ghost plant when I potted it...
And that's kinda what's going on in the yard right now. Nothing particularly new, but still kinda nice...


  1. The cactus bed looks very appealing! The rock rose looks so delicate-bet it would not last thru our summer! How much rain fall do you average?

  2. Wonderful Claude
    you have big garden beautiful ,i like blooms Opuntia, and i see
    some new plants from propagation from leaves in a recent photo.
    Have a nice day

  3. Our rainfall varies widely from year to year... anywhere from 20 inches to 50 inches. I've had summers without a drop for 3 months, and other summers where it rained once a week. It's shaping up to be a good year though.

  4. Kinda nice?????? Beautiful! So much bloomin going on there!!! Love all the color, and of course all of your succulents!!!

  5. You have a great space! It looks lush and full--just what I like. It's obvious that you've taken some care in putting it together.

  6. Great pictures- your cactus and plants look wonderful. I was given a ghost plant and have been trying to start all the little petals that seem to fall off. I haven't had any "take" yet though- most get soft and rotten.