Thursday, June 25, 2009

found some mushrooms growing today, in a vacant lot beside one of my deliveries. It was the only bright spot of the day!

Seriously, there's nothing to put me in a good mood like driving 200 lbs. of auto parts to a mechanic 60 miles away, only to have them refuse the order when I get there because they cancelled the order yesterday and the seller evidently forgot to type that info into the computer... so I have to drive it 60 miles back, only to have the origional warehouse guy try to wiggle out of taking it back, so I have to go into the office and explain everything to the customer service guys, who evidently don't believe me because they have to make 6 phone calls and eventually I was quite willing to tell them that they wanted their overpriced piece of crap, they could drag the river. All this before 10 AM.

Anyway... they took it eventually, and dispatch is making sure that they are being charged for the trip out, and the trip back, so it at least paid well, but dang...

Probably not going to have any pics tomorrow... Friday is really the busiest day. Our summer heat hit this week, so it's about 102 out there on the road... not a whole lot of fun...

Dang, I'm a bit of a downer, aren't I?

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  1. Well, we crave a good rant from you now and then, you know! Glad it ended up paying you well anyway!!! Your mushroom pic is great...really cool looking and so white! I'm happy you can find happiness in something such as a little mushroom patch! (I can too, as you know)!!! Here's looking to a better day at work tomorrow for you!!! I am spending the first three hours of my day tomorrow in a classroom...I am not looking forward to all that sitting!